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After trialing several sushi flops (no matter what anyone tells you, do not go to the sushi buffets, regardless of rave reviews!!!), we finally discovered Sushi Mon in Las Vegas.  They are insanely popular for their all-you-can-eat at the large horseshoe sushi bar, but we found it a bit pricey ($20.95 at lunch, $25.95 at dinner) and too Americanized.  The plethora of rolls they offer sound flavorful, but are mostly cooked, fried, sauces, cream cheesed, etc.  They also have some hefty looking bento boxes for those seeking some variety.  But, we are sushi purists, we love it raw.  An addiction really. 

As it turns out, Sushi Mon has a rather good deal or two hiding in their menu for those who like naked fish.  A large platter of sashimi (with 6 different fishes I believe) was just $15.95.  It came with a delicious and generous bowl of miso soup, and a real salad.  Yes, real greens, not the typical Japanese iceberg variety.  I was more than full.  My husband ordered the sushi combo for just $10.95.  It included a full roll (california or tuna), seven pieces of sushi, miso soup, and salad.  The fish itself was quite good.  I have had better, but would certainly give Sushi Mon's fish a solid 4 stars (out of five).  We will definitely be returning.

 Menu – They have more on their menu than what shows on the website, but you can get a sampling at www.sushi-mon.com.

Locations – They have two locations in Las Vegas.  One is not listed on their website, but it exists and based on the crowds, I don't think it will be going under anytime soon.  That one is at 8320 W. Sahara on the way to Summerlin.  The second location is at 9770 S. Maryland Pkwy.  It is just a few miles south of the strip, and a good possiblity for out-of-towners seeking to escape casino prices.

Phone – 702-617-0241

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