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Katie, a Go Dairy Free Facebook Fan, shared this recommendation with us previously, “We’ve had yummy sorbet at Graeter’s in Cincinnati.”

Graeter's Ice Cream Shops in the Midwest offer good dairy-free sorbets

Graeter’s has since expanded with locations all over Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois, at last check. See the website below for locations. They are a traditional dairy ice cream maker, but are proud of their sorbet. They label it as “Dairy Free” and “Gluten Free”, and state, “We use good manufacturing practices to segregate allergens and avoid cross-contact”.

But another Go Dairy Free viewer, Bethany, emailed with a word of caution:

Just wanted to add to be careful of cross contamination at Graeter’s, if that is a concern for you. At the shops they use the same scoops in the ice cream and the sorbet. However, they are very accommodating. Just ask them to use a fresh, unopened tub of sorbet and a clean scoop. The cones are dairy-free as well.

This homegrown company also sells packed pints of their hand crafted ice cream, including a few sorbets, too. These are sold at their shops and grocery stores.

Graeter's Ice Cream Shops in the Midwest offer good dairy-free sorbets

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