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The Seattle Cookie Counter started as an adorable Westfalia food truck serving vegan ice cream sandwiches around Seattle. They have now settled into an all-vegan brick and mortar shop with unique ice cream creations and incredible baked goods!

Seattle Cookie Counter - An All Vegan Ice Cream Shop, Bakery, and Espresso Bar!

Just walking up to this bright yellow shop will make you smile! The vibe of the Cookie Counter is unique and so positive. You’re immediately greeted by a friendly employee and an ice cream case full of fun vegan ice cream. They have fun flavors like Lavender, Birthday Cake with chunks of gluten-free cake, and Fluffernutter with swirls of peanut butter and marshmallow. Their sweets inventory also includes loads of fresh baked goods, from cookies to pop tarts to various cakes. It’s like walking into a blissful dessert dream.

Seattle Cookie Counter - An All Vegan Ice Cream Shop, Bakery, and Espresso Bar!

The Cookie Counter does their best to utilize organic and non-GMO ingredients. Everything is made in house, and they support local farmers and small businesses. Not only are they serving up amazing treats, they’re doing compassionate things for their community!

Their ice cream is made from a base of coconut milk and all natural flavorings for a creamy luscious frozen dessert experience. Since their shop is completely vegan, it’s also dairy-free and egg-free. Many of their ice creams and baked goods are nut-free, but there are nuts used in some of their items. Nonetheless, most of their goodies are also soy-free!

Aside from incredible ice cream and the best cookies ever, the Cookie Counter is also an espresso bar. They serve dairy-free hot and iced beverages to accompany your sweet treats!

Seattle Cookie Counter - An All Vegan Ice Cream Shop, Bakery, and Espresso Bar!

The first time I tried the Cookie Counter I had their Chai Snickerdoodle ice cream sandwich and it was love at first bite. It is still one of the best things I have ever eaten. I’d be lying if I said that 85% of the reason I wanted to go back to Seattle wasn’t fuelled by the thought of their new ice cream shop. I went two days in a row while I was there and it was everything I had dreamed of. The first time I got 3(!!) scoops of ice cream (Lavender, Strawberry Shortbread, and Birthday Cake) plus a giant snickerdoodle to go. Every flavor was perfectly flavored and creamy. The cookie was so thick and soft in the middle, but crispy on the outside with a sweet cinnamon sugar coating.

The next day I shared the Sundae Flight, which I think is the most genius thing ever! You get 3 of their 5 sundaes in mini versions so you can give several a try. My favorite sundae was probably the Call the Dentist. It was vanilla ice cream piled with caramel sauce, a peanut butter magic shell, Chick-O-Stick (like the middle of a Butterfinger), whipped coconut cream, and topped with a cherry.

Seattle Cookie Counter - An All Vegan Ice Cream Shop, Bakery, and Espresso Bar!

Next time your craving something sweet, stop by The Cookie Counter for a scoop of diary-free ice cream, an incredible vegan ice cream sandwich, a delicious gluten-free baked treat, or an indulgent sundae. I can almost guarantee you’ll be greeted by some friendly people and will leave with a full belly and a smile!

Where to Find The Cookie Counter

Location: 7415 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA

Website: seattlecookiecounter.com

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