Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt


Tutti Frutti is an expansive yogurt chain that has launched a new soy-based frozen yogurt. They use U.S. grown non-GMO soybeans. Please note that the soy yogurt is being advertised as dairy-free (though inquire on if the machine is dedicated for the dairy-free flavors!), and is also labeled as gluten-free, vegan-friendly, non-fat, probiotic-rich and made without artificial sweeteners, BUT a few of the soy flavors actually do contain a small amount of caseinate (milk protein). This is from the company:

My name is Sunny and I am with Tutti Frutti R&D department. We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience. We do have a few soy flavors that are not vegan-friendly but it will be stated on the flavor tags so that customers know exactly what it is.

Also, we do not encourage store owners to use non-vegan-friendly flavors but the reason why we have those flavors is that some store owners are using the flavors.

Tutti Frutti has locations around the world, but we weren’t able to confirm yet if locations outside of the U.S. had the soy yogurt flavors. See their website for locations and more info.

Website: www.tfyogurt.com

Tutti Frutti Soybean Frozen Yogurt

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  1. Ooooh, this sounds so good but… I immediately checked it out to see if there was one near me, and I was looking at the ingredients and a handful of the soy-based ones have sodium caseinate in them. Are they changing the formula? Maybe it isn’t up to date. 🙁

    • Thanks Laurie! We are looking into it. The ingredients section wasn’t working prior and they are promoting all soy yogurt as dairy-free/vegan, but indeed. Now that the ingredients are up, half have caseinate. Inquiring…

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