Virtuous Pie Pizza & Ice Cream Dishes Vegan Eats in Canada


This new vegan hotspot is changing the game of pizza in Vancouver, Victoria, and Toronto. Virtuous Pie is creating unique pizzas and ice creams that are good for our health as well as the health of the planet.

Virtuous Pie is a new hotspot for dairy-free vegan pizza in Vancouver!Photos from Virtuous Pie

Everything at Virtuous Pie is dairy-free and vegan and is sure to wow you. The rich nut based cheeses are made in house and the crusts are made with so much attention and love. Virtuous Pie offers classic pizzas like Margherita, but they also have some creative twists. For example, the Stranger Wings, which feature buffalo cauliflower wings, crispy fried shallots, and a dairy-free bleu cheese dressing. Or the Curry Mile that is piled with butter chickpea curry, mint raita, and mango chutney. All are plant-based, locally sourced, and very unique, and they do offer a gluten-free crust.

Not only do they make incredible pizzas, but they also specialize in handcrafted plant-based ice cream! They’re always mixing up their ice cream selection, but one of their stars is the Coffee and Donut ice cream. Their ice creams are available as a scoop in a cup, waffle cone, or gluten-free waffle cone. Or they’ll pack you a pint to take home and enjoy.

Virtuous Pie is a rather small restaurant and can get quite busy, but not to worry their beautiful pizzas only take about 6 minutes from the time you order. So get out quick or stay a while and enjoy some local beer or wine and a nice scoop of irresistible ice cream to follow your delicious pizza.

Virtuous Pie is a new hotspot for dairy-free vegan pizza and ice cream in Vancouver!

New Vegan Cheeses from Virtuous Pie

At the Wesbrook Village UBC location, Virtuous Pie has started selling two of their housemade cheeses by the wheel: feta and lemon herb chevre. At the time of release, they were only available on the weekends, and while supplies last. These two cheese alternatives are tofu-based, but they’ve said that their cashew-based mozzarella might soon follow in their take-home selection.

Virtuous Pie Dairy-Free Housemade Cheeses Now Available by the Wheel for Take Home

Where to Find Virtuous Pie

They now have two locations in Vancouver, BC, in Chinatown and the UBC neighborhood, one in Victoria, and one in Toronto. And they have a location opening soon in Toronto. Plus, this pizza restaurant has expanded into the U.S. See their website below for addresses, phone numbers, and menus.


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