Karen's Super-Sexy Olive Cream (Vegan, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Soy-Free)
This recipe was brought forth by Jackie of The Vegan Diet, but she obtained it from the Successfully Raw Newsletter Issue 53 – “This delicious dip is so-called because when a friend first tried this recipe she gasped and went, “Ohhh, that’s SO sexy!” – and it kind of stuck. Well, there is a certain something about it…”
  • 1 organic avocado
  • 1 fresh organic tomato
  • 5-6 pitted black olives
  • garlic to taste
  1. Simply process all ingredients together until a thick creamy consistency is achieved. Taste-test. Adapt as desired.
  2. Serve with crudités, as a dip or spread on sprouted bread or crackers. Sex-y!
Raw Coach Tip:
Feel free to try adding a little juice to this such as lemon, orange or pineapple – you never know what you might create!
Recipe by Go Dairy Free at https://www.godairyfree.org/recipes/appetizers/karens-super-sexy-olive-cream-vegan-gluten-free-nut-free-soy-free