Cookies 'n Ice Cream Bon Bons
Prep time
Total time
Please note that the prep time does not include chilling and resting. Nonetheless, if you like your ice cream bon bons a little melty in the middle, you may be able to get away with powering through the recipe and eating these bites right away.
Serves: About 18 large or 36 small ice cream bon bons
  1. Let the ice cream soften on the counter for about 10 minutes while you crush the cookies. I place them in a zip-top baggie and smash with a mallet (very therapeutic) but a food processor works, too. Place the crushed cookies in a bowl.
  2. Scoop the ice cream by the tablespoon (for big ice cream bon bons) or ½ tablespoon (for small bon bons). As you scoop, drop each into the crushed cookies and roll to coat, shaping if desired. Place the coated ice cream on a small baking sheet or plate lined with wax paper or parchment paper (something that will fit in your freezer). Let them chill for 1 hour or longer to refreeze.
  3. Melt the chocolate chips with the oil or shortening, and then let cool to just above room temperature.
  4. You can use your preferred method to coat the bon bons, but what I like to do is dip the bottoms in the chocolate, hold for a few seconds, then place them on a fork. Use a spoon to drizzle the chocolate over the top while holding over the chocolate bowl. Gently nudge the bon bon back onto the wax or parchment paper (I place them back in the freezer in batches). The chocolate will set up quickly. Enjoy right away (the middles will be soft) or re-freeze for 1 hour or more.
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