Vegan Apple Pie a la Mode Martini
Prep time
Total time
This recipe is from BOM BOM Brands. I've adapted it ever so slightly.
Recipe type: Drinks
Serves: It's up to you!
  • 4 parts creamy dairy-free liqueur (I used BOM BOM Fully Baked Hemp Milk Liqueur)
  • ½ part apple whiskey
  • ½ part cinnamon whiskey
  • Ground cinnamon
  • Ground nutmeg
  • Ice
  • Cinnamon stick, for garnish
  1. Put the BOM BOM, apple whiskey, cinnamon whiskey, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ice in a martini shaker or mason jar. Cover and SHAKE YOUR BOM BOM!!
  2. Strain and pour into martini glasses, and garnish each glass with a cinnamon stick.
For 1 to 2 Servings: I used ½ cup creamy dairy-free liqueur, 1 tablespoon apple whiskey, 1 tablespoon cinnamon whiskey, and a pinch of each spice to make 1 large martini or 2 small ones.
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