Enjoy Life Foods: Top Allergy-Friendly Snacks and Recipes

We’re dedicated to making dairy-free living easier, and more delicious, which is why we’ve partnered with Enjoy Life Foods to create this resource. It’s filled with safe snack food reviews, top allergen-free recipes, the best Enjoy Life products, and helpful information.

Who is Enjoy Life Foods?

Years before we saw any legislation for food allergies, Enjoy Life took action. The company launched in 2001 with a mission to create “safe” snack foods, free of the top 8 most common allergens. They were truly a pioneer in food allergy awareness.

Like many others, I loved their soft-baked cookies right from the start. And I’ve continued to savor all 85 products that they’ve released over the years (yes, we’ve tried them all!). Now they run North America’s largest allergy-friendly bakery. It’s 200,000 square feet, completely free of dairy, eggs, fish, gluten, lupin, mustard, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, shellfish, soy, and sulfites.

Enjoy Life Foods Products

Life gets busy, and dealing with food allergies can eat up even more time. So Enjoy Life focuses on simplifying your day with good quality convenience. They offer savory and sweet snacks, bars and bites, chewy and crunchy cookies, chocolate (oh the chocolate!), and baking supplies.

Everything they make is Certified Gluten-Free, Non-GMO Verified, and of course, free of all top allergens (and more) as defined by the FDA. They also have several products that have achieved FODMAP-Friendly Certification.

The Best Enjoy Life Products (in my opinion)

Enjoy Life offers a whole array of “safe” goodies including baking chocolate, chocolate snacks, snack bars, cookies, breakfast items, lentil chips, and baking mixes. In fact, they have so many foods that it can be hard to choose what to order first.

So I’m sharing my all-time favorite products. These aren’t necessarily Enjoy Life’s best sellers (I believe their Mini Chocolate Chips and Cocoa Loco Bars are still on top!), but they are the products that I reach for most often, and certainly don’t want to live without!

The Top 5 Allergy-Friendly Foods from Enjoy Life

  1. Dark Chocolate Bars – I love everything about these bars, from the rich, smooth consistency and sweetened-just-enough taste to the perfectly portioned sizing with four nibble-worthy sections. Their Rice Milk Chocolate Bars are also delicious, but I’m addicted to the dark bars.
  2. Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunks – In our house these do double duty as chocolate snacks and in recipes. They’re shaped like little gold bars, but each one is a priceless hit of sweet chocolate in my opinion!
  3. Breakfast Ovals – For years, I’ve searched for the perfect granola bars. Little did I know, I should have been looking for ovals instead! The ingredients are simple, the taste is near homemade, and I simply can’t pick a favorite flavor. Okay, maybe the Maple Fig … or the Apple Cinnamon.
  4. Soft Baked Cookies – These are not your average cookies. They are different, but I’ve yet to meet anyone who didn’t say they were delicious. Each soft and chewy flavor has merits, but I highly suggest you start with the Snickerdoodle.
  5. Crunchy Cookies – I’m not a big crunchy cookie person, but I always end up buying these for recipes. They make amazing pie crusts, sandwich cookies, ice cream sandwich cookies, dippers, and the list goes on. I waffled between these and their yummy Chocolate Protein Bites for my top 5, but I reach for these more often.

Still can’t decide? Don’t worry, Enjoy Life offers a 10 Snack Trial Pack for sampling in their Allergy-Friendly Online Store. See our Dairy-Free Online Coupons Page for a special discount on your order.

You can also peruse our Enjoy Life Product Reviews (below), which are followed by over 50 Allergy-Friendly Recipes that use their chocolate, cookies, bars, chips, and baking mixes.