The 10 Best Dairy-Free Yogurt Brands to Buy Right Now


Dairy-free no longer means giving up yogurt. There are now numerous dairy-free and vegan probiotic-rich yogurts on the market! But I must confess that some might not meet your expectations. So we’ve taste-tested and compared dozens of options to identify the best dairy-free yogurt brands on the market. They all happen to be plant-based and carrageenan-free, and you will find many nut-free, soy-free, coconut-free, and even paleo-friendly options.

Although it is perishable, most dairy-free yogurt brands have a refrigerator life of up to a few weeks. And we’ve seen quite a few options available in stores – even in scarce times. So please enjoy our round-up below of the most delicious and nutritious coconut, almond, cashew, soy, oat, and top allergen-free yogurts.

The 10 Best Dairy-Free Yogurt Brands to Buy Right Now - we compared over 35 brands - all vegan, plant-based, gluten-free, and carrageenan-free

The 10 Best Dairy-Free Yogurt Brands to Buy Right Now

We compared over 35 brands, all listed in our Dairy-Free Yogurt Review Section, and these are the top picks by consumers like you and me.

Oui by Yoplai

Not surprisingly, Yoplait has come out on top for dairy-free yogurt. It’s hard not to like the perfectly smooth and creamy consistency, the spot on flavor, and the ideal yogurt thickness. This is one of those “I can’t believe it’s dairy-free” products. We also liked the relatively short ingredient list, and how these don’t overtly taste like coconut.

  • Base: Coconut Cream
  • Unique Attributes: Fruit on the Bottom, Glass Jars
  • Appeals Most To: Mainstream Yogurt Fans
  • Key Dietary Notes: Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, tree nut-free*
  • Unsweetened Option? No
  • More Specifics: Oui Dairy-Free Ingredients, Nutrition Facts & Reviews
  • Availability: United States
  • Remaining Wishes: An unsweetened variety or at least a lower sugar plain version would make this line complete. They contain a moderate amount of added sugars, but each flavor is on the decadent side in terms of taste. We liked it for an afternoon treat, but for breakfast, a low sugar option would go over better.

Oui Dairy Free Yogurt Alternative Reviews & Info - This plant-based line is Creamy Cultured Coconut on Top, Fruit on the Bottom

Cocoyo Living Coconut Yogurt

This very virtuous brand disappeared several years ago, but it was purchased by GT’s and brought back to life! It’s the “cleanest” dairy-free yogurt on the market. In fact, the pure flavor contains just raw young coconut, raw young coconut water, and dairy-free probiotic cultures. It boasts a whopping 25 billion probiotics per 1/2 cup serving with no added sugar.

  • Base: Raw Coconut
  • Unique Attributes: Effervescence from High Live & Active Probiotics
  • Appeals Most To: Food Purists
  • Key Dietary Notes: Vegan, paleo, gluten-free, soy-free, tree nut-free*
  • Unsweetened Option? Yes
  • More Specifics: Cocoyo Ingredients, Nutrition Facts & Reviews
  • Availability: United States
  • Remaining Wishes: I know this can be challenging with high quality products, but a price reduction would be helpful. It’s on the indulgent side of the grocery budget.

The 10 Best Dairy-Free Yogurt Brands - all vegan, carrageenan-free, and gluten-free with nut-free, soy-free, coconut-free, paleo, unsweetened, and organic options!

So Delicious Coconutmilk Yogurt Alternative

Many So Delicious products have come and gone over the years, but their core line of coconut milk yogurt alternative has persisted. It’s changed a bit over the years, with minor reformulations and flavor additions, but overall, it’s been consistent. Their unsweetened varieties are quite versatile in recipes, and come in large tubs.

  • Base: Organic Coconutmilk
  • Unique Attributes: Fortified, Available in Many Flavors, Easy to Find
  • Appeals Most To: Simplicity Seekers
  • Key Dietary Notes: Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, tree nut-free*
  • Unsweetened Option? Yes
  • More Specifics: So Delicious Coconut Yogurt Ingredients, Nutrition Facts & Reviews
  • Availability: United States
  • Remaining Wishes: It would be great if they balanced out the fortification with magnesium (it includes calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin B12). And some lower sugar fruit flavors would be fantastic, since these are on the sweet side.

So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk Yogurt (Review) - our unbiased take on this vegan, soy-free alternative

Silk Dairy-Free Yogurt Alternative Made with Soy

I believe this is the highest protein option on the market, and without any added protein. Consequently, it has a very smooth consistency that beckons to dairy yogurt. In fact, Tony exclaimed “Yoplait!” when he sampled one of the flavors. It’s satisfyingly sweet with a slight tang. The cups come only in flavors, but you can buy the lower sugar Plain variety in larger tubs.

  • Base: Non-GMO Soymilk
  • Unique Attributes: Naturally Nutrient-Dense
  • Appeals Most To: Old-School Soy Supporters
  • Key Dietary Notes: Vegan, gluten-free, tree nut-free, coconut-free*
  • Unsweetened Option? No
  • More Specifics: Silk Soy Yogurt Ingredients, Nutrition Facts & Reviews
  • Availability: United States
  • Remaining Wishes: Ever since Whole Soy was discontinued, we haven’t found an unsweetened soy yogurt. We would love Silk to emerge with one!

The 10 Best Dairy-Free Yogurt Brands - all vegan, carrageenan-free, and gluten-free with nut-free, soy-free, coconut-free, paleo, unsweetened, and organic options!

Coyo Coconut Yogurt Alternative

Holy uncow! It’s straight up cultured coconut cream. This stuff isn’t cheap, but it’s so unbelievably thick and rich that I usually break one serving into three. It’s the perfect healthy dollop atop granola, fresh fruit, or even dessert! Coyo used to use stevia to sweeten, but it was cut from the formula. Now this flavor-on-the-bottom brand doesn’t use any added sweeteners.

  • Base: Coconut Cream
  • Unique Attributes: Insanely Rich and High Fat
  • Appeals Most To: Keto Curious Consumers
  • Key Dietary Notes: Vegan, paleo, gluten-free, soy-free, tree nut-free*
  • Unsweetened Option? Yes
  • More Specifics: Coyo Ingredients, Nutrition Facts & Reviews
  • Availability: United States, Australia, United Kingdom
  • Remaining Wishes: Of course, a more affordable price would be great, but I know that coconut cream this rich doesn’t come cheap!

Coyo Coconut Yogurt Alternative Review - dairy-free, vegan, paleo, and intensely rich and creamy. We have the ingredients, tasting notes and more ...

Forager Project Organic Cashewmilk Yogurt

Truthfully, their Coconut Cashewgurt was the best. Sadly it was discontinued before it even had a chance in the market. Fortunately, Forager’s classic Cashewmilk Yogurt line is also pretty darn good, and it still has a touch of coconut cream for richness. Their Unsweetened version is actually quite popular as a sour cream substitute.

  • Base: Cashewmilk
  • Unique Attributes: Versatile Taste and Adapts Well to Recipes
  • Appeals Most To: Multi-Purpose Shoppers
  • Key Dietary Notes: Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free*
  • Unsweetened Option? Yes
  • More Specifics: Forager Cashewmilk Yogurt Ingredients, Nutrition Facts & Reviews
  • Availability: United States
  • Remaining Wishes: I just miss the added touch of luxury in the coconut cashewgurt. It had an addictive full-bodied finish.

Forager Project Cashewgurt / Cashewmilk Yogurt Reviews and Information. We have ingredients, ratings, and more for this natural, vegan, soy-free yogurt line. Pictured: Vanilla

The Coconut Collaborative Coconut Yogurt

I had the chance to try this scrumptious fruit-on-the-bottom, no added sweetener yogurt at a tradeshow, and was blown away by how sweet and satisfying it was. The company is small and mindful of people, the planet, and ingredients, which makes them easy to support.

The 10 Best Dairy-Free Yogurt Brands - all vegan, carrageenan-free, and gluten-free with nut-free, soy-free, coconut-free, paleo, unsweetened, and organic options!

Silk Almondmilk Yogurt Alternative

Silk struck the perfect balance between simple wholesome ingredients, creamy consistency, and delicious flavor with their almondmilk yogurt line. Unlike many dairy-free almond-based products, they use a good does of real almonds to provide richness and nutrition. In fact, it’s such good quality, that you can make amazing dairy-free yogurt cheese with it! And yet, this is one of the more fairly priced alternatives that often goes on sale.

  • Base: Almondmilk
  • Unique Attributes: No Gums of Any Kind, Fortified with Calcium Citrate
  • Appeals Most To: Value Seekers
  • Key Dietary Notes: Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, coconut-free*
  • Unsweetened Option? Yes
  • More Specifics: Silk Almondmilk Yogurt Ingredients, Nutrition Facts & Reviews
  • Availability: United States and Canada
  • Remaining Wishes: They have an Unsweetened Vanilla, but an Unsweetened Plain would round out the mix and make this brand more versatile.

Silk AlmondMilk Yogurt Alternative (Review) - Dairy-free, Soy-free, Vegan and a Sweet Ingredient List

So Delicious Oatmilk Yogurt Alternative

Oat milk has been a poor performer in dairy-free yogurt, but So Delicious has managed to create blends that have a favorable taste and texture without too much sugar. Perhaps it’s due to their creative flavors – they’ve ventured away from the norm with options like Spiced Pear & Fig and Strawberry Rhubarb.

  • Base: Oatmilk
  • Unique Attributes: Unique Flavors, Top Allergen-Free & Coconut-Free
  • Appeals Most To: Oat Milk Die Hards
  • Key Dietary Notes: Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, tree nut-free, coconut-free*
  • Unsweetened Option? No
  • More Specifics: So Delicious Oatmilk Yogurt Ingredients, Nutrition Facts & Reviews
  • Availability: United States
  • Remaining Wishes: If this oatmilk yogurt can stand alone, plain and unsweetened varieties would be great.

So Delicious Oatmilk Yogurt Alternative Review & Information - ingredients, nutrition facts, ratings and more for this dairy-free, soy-free, pea protein-free, probiotic-rich yogurt line

 Chobani Non-Dairy Coconut Yogurt

Chobani’s oat milk yogurt isn’t making many fans, but their coconut yogurt is a favorite in thousands of households. It checks the basic boxes for live and active cultures, good flavor, a dairy-like finish, and an easy to find brand name in grocery stores.

  • Base: Coconut
  • Unique Attributes: Available via Most Major Grocers
  • Appeals Most To: Efficient Shoppers
  • Key Dietary Notes: Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, tree nut-free*
  • Unsweetened Option? No
  • More Specifics: Chobani Coconut Ingredients, Nutrition Facts & Reviews
  • Availability: United States and Canada
  • Remaining Wishes: It would be great if they could fix their consistency issues. They have had some batch problems causing lumpiness at times, probably because they do use thickeners. A more versatile plain or unsweetened variety would also be great.

Chobani Non-Dairy Cups - Just Like Yogurt, but Dairy-free, Plant-Based and Vegan. We've Got the Ingredients, Ratings and More

*Know Your Needs! By ingredients, all of the products listed above are dairy-free. Nonetheless, check with the company on their manufacturing processes for all varieties if potential allergen cross-contamination is an issue for you. All products are at some degree of risk for cross-contamination with allergens, but you must determine if the protocols are safe for your needs. Also processes and labeling are subject to change at any time for any company / product. Also, our “tree nut free” notation is based on fact instead of the FDA definition. Please note that coconut is not a tree nut.

Other Dairy-Free Yogurt Brands

As mentioned, there are many more dairy-free yogurt brands, and yogurt is a very personal thing. Many of you will like other brands, and we think each one has merits. Here are a few more that didn’t quite make our top ten, but were close, and are still quite popular with many people.

  • Activia Almondmilk Yogurt – Despite the big brand name, this one hasn’t exploded on the shelves. It has a great nutritional profile, and it’s getting good taste ratings, but we haven’t found it.
  • Culina Botanical Yogurt – This “gourmet” brand originally launched in little clay pots. They’ve since made their packaging more mainstream, but still boast a very clean ingredient list.
  • Siggi’s Plant-Based Coconut Blend – Their flavors taste so different, that many people heavily dislike one but love another.
  • Almond Breeze Almondmilk Yogurt – The topping varieties are a bigger hit than their big plain tubs.
  • Daiya Duets – Their coconut cream yogurt isn’t winning many fans on its own, but when paired with toppings in their duets, it’s a win.
  • Maison Riviera Coconut Milk Yogurt – This brand has had stints at Costco, making it more affordable. It’s good, but didn’t wow for the gourmet price tag.
  • Harmless Harvest Dairy-Free Yogurt – It tastes pretty good, but they went low fat with this coconut yogurt, which caused the consistency to be a little lackluster.

Which Dairy-Free Yogurt Brands Do You Love or Loathe?

Don’t be shy! Do you love one that didn’t rank in our top 10? Did we hit the mark for you? Did we miss a good dairy-free yogurt that you can buy? Leave a quick rating and review on your favorites (or one’s you don’t recommend) via our Dairy-Free Yogurt Review Section. You can also read the reviews of others on brands you haven’t tried!

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  1. Hi, I am from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and in the past few years a great variety of (unsweetened) plant based drinks and yogurts was brought into our supermarkets, both organic and non-organic. I was wondering if there is any plain soy yogurt available in the US without sugar or any other (artificial) sweeteners? It seems that every little thing in the US is packed with sugar.. Does anyone know?

  2. My favorite is Haulani brand from Buenos Aires 🙂 It hasn’t come to the US yet but it’s delicious and light for a coconut yogurt brand. Super nutritious and not too fatty like many others 🙂

    • Cocojune is my go to brand. I love the flavor and texture and its wholesome ingredients without weird fillers. And no, I don’t work for them, I am just a happy consumer! Cocoyo is another favorite. I live in central Florida so I assume there must be some in N Florida.

  3. There is now an unsweetened plain Forager Cashewgurt — that you wish for above — but it tastes a bit like glue to me… not sure what glue tastes like, but I imagine it tastes like the Cashewgurt. Will have to try some of the others.

    I wonder about the comparative environmental effects of cashews, soy, almond, coconut.

    • Jeanne kaster on

      I used the unflavored un sweetned for eating and adding to dishes that require sour cream. So Delicous said plain on label but was sweetned tasted so bad we threw away. I love their plain cocnut milk.

        • I love the Lavva blueberry- it’s really good! Anita, if you want tang, try their raspberry. I can’t eat it… way too tangy for me- and just an off taste- really off. I’m curious what you think of it. It’s got tang!!

      • Hi, Anita! The Lavva is tangy… especially the raspberry. I am a huge fan of their blueberry – but I can’t eat the raspberry. The tang is just way too strong for me and the flavor is off. I taste no raspberry at all- just tang. Have you tried Lavva? I see it has been a while since your post. I’m curious if you like it. The Siggi’s Plant Based raspberry is really creamy and I loved it- but I don’t love the added sugar. I’d rather sit down with a pint of Coconut Bliss ice cream- ha ha.

  4. Hi,

    Great work!
    Would LOVE to know which of these have fruit/flavoring on the bottom.

    Any chance you could specify this, even retro actively?? Or list any that are fruit/etc on bottom here in comments?
    many thanks,

  5. Hello,
    There is a new brand of coconut yogurt Rico in California, LA area. Still small but big following here in Venice and available at local Wholefoods, Erewhon and other health stores. Rich creamy taste and no tangy flavor.

    • My naturopath doctor said to avoid too much soy as an alternative to cow’s milk. I am dairy free, but I struggle to fine a yogurt that is soy free, unsweetened with a consistency that mimics Dannon, whole milk, plain. I have been eating that with fruit and muesli for the last 20 years, and I am miserable without it. I am a teacher and need a quick mini meal since I eat small amounts throughout the day (hypoglycemic). What do you suggest. I will try to find the COYO Coconut, but in rural upstate NY, it is not easy to find the brands and flavors suggested in your excellent article. The Coconut Collaborative might also work. No chocolate with non-dairy, right?

  6. THANK YOU for this awesome resource! I always try new brands when I see them, and love to have solid expert experience like yours to help guide my next choices. I will be looking for these!

  7. Thank you for sharing such an amazing list! Vegan options are not always easy to see as many stores have them all mixed together. We enjoy forager and coyo, but we use what we can find sometimes.

  8. Thanks for doing all the work for me? Just kidding, I love reading your reviews….just so informative and well written. We have to stick with the allergy-friendly (totally nut-free) brands, so have been using a lot of Good Karma, just to be safe.

    • Good Karma is a great option – it truly made the ranks. I think the other allergen-free, coconut-free ones we tested all had merits, too. I’m curious when chickpea yogurt is going to appear, haha (only half joking here!).

    • Hi! I have Cocoyo Pure in the fridge to try… but I’m a little nervous because of the “effervescent” description- ha ha. I can’t find Coyo anywhere near me. I am loving Lavva – I think it’s ‘clean’ and tastes really good. I tried Siggi’s plant based yesterday and was shocked at how good it was… but, it does have cane sugar and added stuff- but it was surprisingly delicious. So far, Lavva is the cleanest one I’ve tasted and I do love it. I need to try the Cocoyo… yikes. ha ha.

  9. This is a phenomenal review, Alisa. We don’t get many of these brands in Canada, but whenever I see brands in the US that I want to try – I hesitate! Now I have a ‘cheat sheet’ at the ready.

    Your reviews are the best. You have integrity in your work and put so much into these posts to cover all options. Thank you for doing so!

  10. I prefer Coyo unsweetened. It is SO rich and thick I can eat 1/4 cup with some fruit and it is very filling. It also works great as a savory substitute. I often mix in some salsa and use it as a topping on tacos etc. It does get thicker the longer it is in your fridge to the point of solid (like coconut cream)….so it is best to buy the packages with the farthest out Best By date.

    • I would almost venture to say that if you like the soy line, you will probably like the almond line quite a bit, too. They’re different, but both have “Silk” similarities in the finish and flavors.

  11. Silk has a cultured coconut yogurt available in Canada tho’ the pkge says it is a product of the USA. The big factor for me is that the ‘plain’ is unsweetened. I don’t know about the ‘vanilla’ as I haven’t tried it.

    • Yes, I noticed that they have coconut yogurt in Canada, which is so odd because they don’t have coconut yogurt in the U.S.! I never understand these strategies. Thanks for sharing and great to hear that the Plain is good!

  12. This is so great. People are always asking me what the best brands are, I can just send them there now! We don’t have all these options in Vancouver yet.

    • I noticed though that Vancouver is growing with options the last time we were up there – so hopefully more will land there soon! I have heard that the Canadian brand Yoso is good – we couldn’t get it down here to taste test.

  13. I’ve been on Weight Watchers for almost 2 years and am maintaining my goal weight. All Non-dairy/Vegan products are so high in points for me. I’m really not getting the calcium this 70 year old body needs because I tend to avoid them. ?

    • I would look for the unsweetened versions Donna. Many of these brands have unsweetened or low sugar plain varieties which should be less WW points. You might also look into unsweetened dairy-free milk alternatives that are fortified with calcium and vitamin D. Most of these will be very low on points (some only 30 calories per cup with 300 to 500mg calcium). You can also buy powdered calcium (we use calcium citrate for better absorption) and add it to foods that are WW approved just before you eat them. I personally add some magnesium citrate, too, as it helps with absorption.

  14. Great list! There’s a new yogurt I just tried called Culina made with coconut milk. It’s delicious (very creamy, almost like whipped coconut cream), it has 10 million probiotics in every cup BUT I don’t think it has any calcium or protein.

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