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The lists below are non-dairy shopping list suggestions ONLY.  General brands have been listed, though only select varieties may be non-dairy (made without dairy ingredients, including lactose, casein, and whey) or dairy-free. For a list of non-dairy brands with varieties, company names, websites, links, and special diet information (no gluten, no soy, no egg) see our No Dairy Product Lists, available in a downloadable PDF format.

Also, product ingredients do change frequently, and products are added and removed from the market regularly. Although we will do our best to keep this information updated, our content cannot be guaranteed. With this in mind, always double-check the ingredients and allergens of every product to avoid any doubt before purchase. Always check the ingredient statement prior to consumption. 

Cross contamination of food allergens should always be assumed in manufacturing.  Most of the products listed could be at risk for cross contamination, and therefore may contain trace amounts of milk.  If cross contamination is a concern, be sure to contact the manufacturer directly prior to consumption.

Up-to-Date Product Lists.  We are unable to update these online listings on a regular basis. For our most current and complete product listings, see our No Dairy Product Lists

Refrigerated  (Select Varieties Only, always check ingredient statement)

Cafferata Ravioli
Fresh Meals in a Curry Sauce w/ Rice & Roti
Indian Life Fresh Wraps
Lightlife Smart Pretzel Dog
Lightlife Smart Tortilla Wrap
Smart Stuffers
Smart Tortilla Wraps
Golden Frozen Blintzes
Putney Pasta Black Bean & Habanero Pepper Ravioli
Rising Moon Organics Gnocchi
Rising Moon Organics Ravioli
Soy Boy Refrigerated Ravioli

Frozen  (Select Varieties Only, always check ingredient statement)

Alexia Frozen Appetizers
Alexia Organic Oven Crinkles™ French Fries
Alexia Organic Yukon Gold® French Fries
Alexia Oven Fries®
Alexia Oven Reds®
Alexia Sweet Potato® Julienne Fries
Alexia Yukon Gold® Julienne Fries
Amy's Black Bean Enchiladas
Amy's Black Bean Vegetable Enchiladas
Amy's Bowls
Amy's Burritos
Amy's Frozen Entrees
Amy's Frozen Pizzas
Amy's Indian Meals
Amy's Pocket Sandwiches
Amy's Pot Pies
Amy's Single Serve Frozen Pizzas
Amy's Stir-Fry
Amy's Veggie Loaf Whole Meal
Applegate Farms Chicken Nuggets
Organic Bistro Whole Life Meals
Claim Jumper Baby Back Pork Ribs
Hans' Wraps
Tandoor Chef Frozen Appetizers
Tandoor Chef Vegetarian Meals
Ling Ling Crispy Dumplings
Ling Ling Egg Rolls
Ling Ling Potstickers
Ling Ling Shu Mai
Ling Ling Spring Rolls
Ling Ling Suaces
Dominex Eggplant
Dr. Praeger's Gluten-Free Breaded Fish Products
Dr. Praeger's Regular Breaded Fish Products
Dr. Praeger's Salmon Cakes
Dr. Praeger's Savory Pancakes
Nate's Chicken Style Nuggets
Nate's Meatless Meatballs
Nate's Minis Crispy Tacos
Everybody Eats Ravioli
Ope's Organic Stuffed Sandwiches
Organic Classics Frozen Entrees
Moosewood Organic Frozen Entrees
Health is Wealth All Natural Egg Rolls
Health is Wealth All Natural Munchees
Health is Wealth All Natural Potstickers
Health is Wealth All Natural Spring Rolls
Health is Wealth Chicken
Health is Wealth Chicken Free Appetizers
Health is Wealth Vegetarian Cocktail Franks
Helen's Kitchen Frozen Meals w/ Tofu Steaks
Helen's Kitchen Tofu Steaks
Ian's Frozen Entrees
Ian's Frozen Meals
Ian's Kids Wheat Free/Gluten Free Frozen Meals
Ian's Onion Rings & Strings
Ian's Red Banner (Wheat Free/Gluten Free) Frozen Entrees
Ian's Red Banner (Wheat Free/Gluten Free) Supertots
Ian's Sweet Potato Fries
Indian Life Entrées
Intolerable Food Frozen Entrees
Kahiki Frozen Appetizers
Kahiki Frozen Entrees
Kahiki Naturals Frozen Egg Rolls
Kahiki Naturals Frozen Entrees
Kahiki Naturals Frozen Wraps
Kashi™ 7 Whole Grain All Natural Entrees
Kim and Scott's Gourmet Pretzels
Life Choices Breaded Entrees
Life Choices OrganiCuisine Frozen Pizza
Lightlife Smart Menu
Madwoman Gluten-Free Frozen Pizzas
Melrose Made Gourmet Souffles
Michelina's Frozen Entrees
Mon Cuisine Vegan Breaded Chicken Style Cutlet
Mon Cuisine Vegan Chicken Nuggets
Mon Cuisine Vegan Meatless Italian Shell Pasta
Mon Cuisine Vegan Moroccan Couscous
Mon Cuisine Vegan Pot Pie
Mon Cuisine Vegan Veal Style Schnitzel In Sauce
Mon Cuisine Vegetarian Grilled Steak In Mushroom Gravy
Mon Cuisine Vegetarian Salisbury Steak In Gravy
Mon Cuisine Vegetarian Spaghetti & Meatballs
Mon Cuisine Vegetarian Stuffed Cabbage In Tomato Sauce
Old Fashioned Kitchen Fritters
Guiltless Gourmet Sandwich Wraps
Primacotta / Rising Moon Frozen Entrees
Celentano Vegetarian Entrees
Celentano Vegetarian Organic Entrees
Seeds of Change Organic Frozen Entrees
Starlite Cuisine Crispy Rolled Tacos
Starlite Cuisine Soy Taquitos
Aunt Trudy's Asian Vegetable Fillo Pocket Sandwich
Aunt Trudy's Organic Fillo Pocket Sandwiches
Fillo Factory Organic Party Masters II Appetizers
Fillo Factory Organic Potato & Roasted Garlic Puffs Appetizers
The Fillo Factory Entrée Pies
Ethnic Gourmet Chinese Style Frozen Entrees
Ethnic Gourmet Cuban Style Frozen Entrees
Ethnic Gourmet Indian Style Frozen Entrees
Ethnic Gourmet Thai Style Frozen Entrees
Ethnic Gourmet Vietnamese Style Frozen Entrees
Yves Meatless Appetizers
Yves Meatless Entrees
VegeUSA Vegetarian Plus Vegan Entrees

Shelf-Stable  (Select Varieties Only, always check ingredient statement)

Dixie Lasagna for 4 Kit
My Own Meal®
ND Labs Meatless Entrees
Pack Lite Foods Instant Dinners
Tasty Bite Indian Entrees
Tasty Bite Indian Ready Meals
Tasty Bite Thai Ready Meals
Garden of Eatin' Taco Dinner Kits

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