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The lists below are non-dairy shopping list suggestions ONLY.  General brands have been listed, though only select varieties may be non-dairy (made without dairy ingredients, including lactose, casein, and whey) or dairy-free. For a list of non-dairy brands with varieties, company names, websites, links, and special diet information (no gluten, no soy, no egg) see our No Dairy Product Lists, available in a downloadable PDF format.

Also, product ingredients do change frequently, and products are added and removed from the market regularly. Although we will do our best to keep this information updated, our content cannot be guaranteed. With this in mind, always double-check the ingredients and allergens of every product to avoid any doubt before purchase. Always check the ingredient statement prior to consumption. 

Cross contamination of food allergens should always be assumed in manufacturing.  Most of the products listed could be at risk for cross contamination, and therefore may contain trace amounts of milk.  If cross contamination is a concern, be sure to contact the manufacturer directly prior to consumption.

Up-to-Date Product Lists.  We are unable to update these online listings on a regular basis. For our most current and complete product listings, see our No Dairy Product Lists

Assorted Grains  (Select Varieties Only, always read ingredient statement)

Fantastic Foods Tabouli
Cedar's Salads
Legumes Plus® Herbed Lentil Casserole
Legumes Plus® Meatless Sloppy Joe (Lentils)
Legumes Plus® Mexicali Lentil Salad
Legumes Plus® Spanish Wheat Salad
Mediterranean Chicken & Couscous Mix
Marrakesh Express Couscous
Jyoti Indian Cuisine Heat & Serve Entrees
Kashi® 7 Whole Grain Pilaf
Mediterranean Delights Whole Grain Salads
Near East Couscous
Near East Taboule
Near East Whole Grain Blends
Nu-World Amaranth Side Serve
Food Merchants Polenta
Seeds of Change Organic Quinoa Blends
Casbah Organic Couscous Blends
Casbah Tabouli Garden Wheat Salad Mix
Casbah Toasted Couscous Blends

Noodles  (Select Varieties Only, always read ingredient statement)

Taste of China
Taste of Thai Noodles
Taste of Thai Quick Meals (Noodles)
Annie Chun's FreshPak™ Noodle Bowls
Annie Chun's FreshPak™ Noodle Express (Ramen)
Annie Chun's FreshPak™ Noodle Soup Bowls
Annie Chun's Noodle Meal Kits
Simply Asia Heat & Serve Noodle Bowls
Simply Asia Noodles & Sauce
Simply Asia Quick Noodles
Simply Asia Take Out
Thai Kitchen Noodle Carts
Thai Kitchen Rice Noodle Meal Kits
Gluten Free Pantry Skillet Meals
Namaste Foods – Pasta Blends
Roads End Organics 123'z & Chreese
Roads End Organics Mac & Chreese
Roads End Organics Penne & Chreese
Roads End Organics Shells & Chreese
Thai Pavilion Rice Noodles with Simmer Sauce
The Vegetarian Express Dinner Mix

Rice  (Select Varieties Only, always read ingredient statement)

Taste of China
Taste of India
Taste of Thai Rice
Conrad-Davis Gourmet Rice Blends
Konriko® Brand Rice Mixes
Konriko® Quick Cook Rice
Konriko® Rice Pilaf
R.M. Quiggs Rice Mixes
Chicken (Not!) Mix
Orange Curry Chicken (Not!) and Rice Salad/Entree Mix
Spanish Chicken and Rice
Eden Organic Rice & Beans
Thai Kitchen Jasmine Rice
Fall River Fully Cooked, Ready to Serve Wild Rice
Fox River™ Rice Mixes
Gluten-Free Essentials Rice Mixes
Gluten Free Pantry Meals in Minutes
Marrakesh Express Rice Pilaf
Marrakesh Express Risotto
Patak's Rice
Rice Sensations
Uncle Ben's Country Inn Rice Mixes
Uncle Ben's Long Grain & Wild Rice
Uncle Ben's Ready Rice
Uncle Ben's Ready Whole Grain Medley
Near East Rice Pilaf
Nueva Cocina "Beef" Seasonings
Nueva Cocina Rice Mixes
Nueva Cocina Soup Mixes
Pacific Ready-to-Serve Rice (Wheat Free)
Tasty Bite Pilafs
Cascina Belvedere Organic Risotto Mix
Manischewitz Lentil Pilaf Mix
Seeds of Change Organic Rice Blends
Casbah Pilaf Sides
Taste Adventure Quick Cuisine

Other  (Select Varieties Only, always read ingredient statement)

Fantastic Foods Falafel
Fantastic Foods Nature's Burger Mix
Fantastic Foods Sloppy Joe Mix
Fantastic Foods Taco Filling
Fantastic Foods Tofu Scrambler
Authentic Middle Eastern Falafel Mix
Barbara's Mashed Potatoes
(Not!) Salad Mixes
Carb Counters™ Oven Stuffin' Mix™
Chicken 'n Dumpling mix
DDC Stuffed Bell Pepper Mix
Quiche Mix
Soysage Cornbread Dressing
Near East Falafel
Orgran Falafel Mix
Sabra Falafel
Sabra Mediterranean Salads
Seitenbacher 100% Vegan Burger Mix
Casbah Falafel
The Vegetarian Express Burger Mix

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