Go Dairy Free Meal Plans and Shopping Guides

This is a reference page for readers of my book, Go Dairy Free 2nd Edition. It includes Go Dairy Free Meal Plans and Shopping Guides to make your days easier. I will add more as they are created!

Go Dairy Free Meal Plans and Shopping Guides with Printables

One-Week Go Dairy Free Meal Plans (with Printables!)

Each of these menus includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner suggestions for an entire week, plus snack and treat ideas. All of these Go Dairy Free Meal Plans can be enjoyed vegan or omnivorous (“just” dairy-free) because every recipe in Go Dairy Free 2nd Edition has a plant-based, egg-free option.

Easy Family-Friendly Meal Plan – All of the recipes in Go Dairy Free 2nd Edition could be considered family friendly. They have been tested and approved by adults and kids! But this meal pan is a fun collection of easy recipes with make ahead options that fit nicely into most scheduled. Feel free to mix and match the days with other recipes in the book.

Comfort Cuisine Meal Plan – I’m big on comfort food, and this menu includes some of my favorites from Go Dairy Free. It of course includes the Homemade Cheeze Tortellini and Bakery-Style Blueberry Muffins. But it also has some unexpected hits like healthier Barbecue Baked Beans and Creamy Poblano Baked Risotto.

Allergy-Friendly Meal Plan – At the beginning of the recipe section in Go Dairy Free 2nd Edition you will find a full allergen chart. This menu includes recipes that are checked off on all top allergen-free categories: egg-free, gluten-free, nut-free, peanut-free, and soy-free. There are actually hundreds of allergy-friendly recipes in the book. These just work nicely together for a week of meals.

Go Dairy Free Shopping Guides

Pantry Stocking List – This printable covers ever shelf-stable ingredient you will need to make every recipe in Go Dairy Free 2nd Edition. Use it to stock your pantry and buy fresh ingredients as needed and when on sale or in season!

Go Dairy Free Ingredients – On this page, I cover the ingredients and brands that I specifically used for testing the recipes in Go Dairy Free 2nd Edition.

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