Non-Dairy Calcium: Dairy-Free Calcium Chart


Calcium is abundant in many foods, not just milk. The dairy-free calcium chart below details the non-dairy calcium found in roughly 100 foods! An updated version of this information is also available in Go Dairy Free: The Guide and Cookbook.

The Dairy-Free Calcium Chart

* Calcium Content Shown in Milligrams *
Serving Size:1 CupServing Size: (unless noted)1 Medium
Soy Beans, cooked261Blackberries (1 cup)46
Soy Flour, defatted241Figs, dried (10 medium)269
Soymilk, calcium-fortified368Orange56
Tempeh184Orange juice, calcium-fortified300
Tofu, Firm, set with calcium516Papaya, raw72
Tofu, Medium Firm, set with calcium260Raisins, Golden (2/3 cup)53
Serving Size:1 CupServing Size: (unless noted)3 Ounces
Amaranth Flour160Blue Crab, canned86
Carob Flour336Clams, canned78
Amaranth, cooked116Ocean Perch Atlantic, cooked116
Quinoa, cooked31Oyster, dried (3 medium)45
Rainbow Trout, cooked73
BEANSSardines, canned, drained317
Serving Size:1 Cup, CookedShrimp, small dried (1 ounce)167
Baked Beans128
Black Turtle Beans103SALAD GREENS
Great Northern Beans121Serving Size:1 Cup
Mung Beans56Borage, raw83
Navy Beans128Chicory Greens, raw180
Refried Beans88Collard Greens, boiled226
White Beans161Dandelion Greens, raw103
Winged Beans244Kale, boiled94
Yellow Beans110Lambsquarters, boiled464
Lettuce, Looseleaf, raw38
OTHER VEGETABLESMustard Greens, boiled104
Serving Size: (unless noted)1 Cup, CookedMustard Greens, frozen152
Acorn Squash90Mustard Greens, raw58
Artichoke (1 medium)54Parsley, raw78
Asparagus36Turnip Greens, boiled198
Bok Choy158Turnip Greens, raw105
Broccoli72Watercress, raw40
Brussel Sprouts56
Burdock Root61NUTS & SEEDS
Butternut Squash84Serving Size: (unless noted)1 Ounce
Cabbage, Green50Almonds, roasted80
Cabbage, Red56Brazil Nuts45
Carrots48Sesame Seeds, whole, roasted280
Cassava, raw33Almond Butter (1 Tablespoon)43
Cauliflower34Almond Butter (1 Tablespoon)64
Celery, raw44
Chinese Broccoli88SPICES
French Beans / Haricot Verts111Serving Size:1 Tablespoon
Green Beans58Ground Basil85
Kelp, raw144Cinnamon74
Okra100Dill Seed91
Peas, edible pod62Mustard Seeds58
Pumpkin, canned64Oregano48
Radishes, raw, sliced29Rosemary38
Rutabaga, cubed82Thyme76
Seaweed, Agar, dried (1 Tablespoon)50
Seaweed, Hijiki, dried (1 Tablespoon)80MOLASSES
Squash, Summer49Serving Size:1 Tablespoon
Sweet Potato, cubed76Molasses, Blackstrap172
Turnips, cubed51Molasses, Light33
Molasses, Medium58
A Few Notes on Our Calcium Chart:
  • Most fruits, vegatables, seeds, and nuts contain some amount of calcium, but we have limited our selections to the class leaders.
  • Spinach, Rhubarb, Beet Greens, and Swiss Chard are all very high in calcium. However, due to their very low absorption rates (approximately 5%), we have excluded them from our list.
  • With the exception of Mung Beans, the dried Beans do have a fairly low absorption rate (approximately 17%), so we have limited our selections to those with over 100mg of calcium.
  • For comparison, 1 cup of 2% cow’s milk has 297 mg of calcium.

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