Celebrating Food Allergy Awareness Week with a Virtual Carnival


Hannah's Edible AnimalsHere we are in the midst of the 12th annual Food Allergy Awareness Week, which runs from May 10 – 16 this year. It seems Canadians finished their festivities last week, but we hope they will join us for this celebratory blog carnival regardless. A blog carnival you say? Yes, this week I have the honor of hosting the Living with Food Allergies Blog Carnival, and it is a good one (27 posts in all!). We have good food, good stories, and several helpful tidbits to keep life with food allergies fun (and delicious)!

So enough with my rambling, it’s time to enjoy some featured blog posts! Introducing the May 14, 2009, Food Allergy Awareness Celebratory edition of the living with food allergies carnival …

Of Course I Rush to the Carnival Food First:

Ali from Whole Life Nutrition presents Gluten-Free, Nut-Free Toddler Snack Cookies posted at Whole Life Nutrition.

Hannah presents Edible (Vegan) Animals posted at BitterSweet.

Alisa presents The Guilt-Free Banana Bread Recipe You Have All Been Waiting For … posted at One Frugal Foodie. A favorite recipe from my book, no sugars required and whole grain; great for breakfast.

Ali from Whole Life Nutrition presents Best Gluten-Free, Vegan Sandwich Bread posted at Whole Life Nutrition.

How To Make Soy Milk posted at Home Life Weekly, saying, “An easy soy milk recipe for people who are milk allergic or lactose intolerant”

Alisa presents Homemade Strawberry Julius posted at One Frugal Foodie, saying, “A delicious treat made with the fruit of the season and honey. Helpful for getting protein to little ones!”

vegan presents Food Recipe: Lettuce Wraps posted at Vegetarian Culinary, saying, “See how to cook a raw food recipe!”

What Mom’s Talk About While the Kids are Indulging in Above Carnival Food:

Lara DeHaven presents Coping with Food Allergies | Texas Homesteader posted at Texas Homesteader.

Ruth Smith presents When do you Need a Care Plan for Food Allergies? posted at Best Allergy Sites, saying, “Every child that attends school and has life threatening food allergies should have a care plan. Learn about IHCP’s, 504’s, and IEP’s and find out which one is right for your child.”

Vin Miller presents Tips and Recipes for a Gluten and Dairy Free Diet posted at Natural Bias by Vin Miller.

allergicmom presents Introducing Tony and the Beavers posted at my kids’ allergies, saying, “My husband has written a 4-part series on camping with the Scouts, and a few allergic kids. The link is to the first part but all of them are up now.”

Rational Jenn presents Rational Jenn: Facts About Peanut Allergies posted at Rational Jenn, saying, “I wrote this post a few months ago, when it seemed as if I was being barraged with questions about my son’s peanut allergy. It’s a overview, a here-are-the-facts-as-I-understand-them, and I wish everyone who is unfamiliar with food allergies would read it and learn something.”

Jennifer Kales presents Food Allergies and Comfort Levels posted at The Nut-Free Mom.

ChristineR presents Adaptation posted at Corn Allergic – What I Reacted To Today, saying, “Adapting your own life to safely manage severe food allergies is hard enough, imposing your adaptations on friends is the true test of friendship.”

ChristineR presents Like Garlic for Vampires posted at Corn Allergic – What I Reacted To Today, saying, “A little corn allergy humor.”

Rational Jenn presents Food Allergy Awareness Week posted at Rational Jenn, saying, “Here’s my annual FAAW post–thanks to everyone who helps us keep Ryan safe!”

ChristineR presents The Upside of Food Allergies posted at Corn Allergic – What I Reacted To Today, saying, “Having a severe corn allergy has actually brought a host of positive changes into my life. For Food Allergy Awareness Week, I’m celebrating the positive!”

Rachel presents Become open to adaptations posted at A Gaggle of Girls, saying, “a post about how to adapt your cooking so people with different tastes and allergies can enjoy the same meal”

Nowheymama presents A Food Allergy is a Food Allergy is a Food Allergy posted at No Whey, Mama, saying, “I think that all food allergies should be treated with the same seriousness in the public school system. There should be no labeling of “mild” and “severe” food allergies.”

Ashley presents dancing through life: Everyone who got where he is, began where he was posted at dancing through life, saying, “My first big post abot my food sensitivity results and my mindframe heading into my elimination diet”

Food Allergy Assistant presents Food Challenge: A Distress Signal posted at Food Allergy Assistant, saying, “A difficult week with spring allergy symptoms and a failed food challenge. Check out the full story.”

Libby presents The Allergic Kid: An Allergy Story, Part 1: The Diagnosis posted at The Allergic Kid.

Leaving the Carnival with Some Great Recommendations to Check Out:

Nancy Lapid presents The Gluten-Free Wedding Cake List posted at About.com’s Celiac Disease Site, saying, “I’ve compiled a list (by location) of cake designers who can prepare gluten-free wedding cakes. Please let me know who else to add to the list!”

Alisa presents Lucy’s Cookies: Free From Dairy, Eggs, Gluten, and Guilt! posted at Go Dairy Free.

Karen Blue presents Sunscreen posted at Avoiding Milk Protein Blog, saying, “Allergy information sunscreen”

Jennifer Elizondo presents Turtle Mountain’s Measures to Ensure Customer Safety | Navan Foods – The Allergy Free Food Shop posted at Navan Foods Blog.

jenny presents beta carotene love posted at peanut butter & jenny, saying, “i’ve been lactose intolerant for almost 2 years now, and i found a great bakery near my house that specializes in vegan desserts. i loved their carrot cake so much, but it’s hard for my parents to ship it to me at school. luckily, i found a great baking mix that was dairy-free and allowed me to make my own right in my tiny apartment kitchen!”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of living with food allergies carnival using the carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on the blog carnival index page.

I hope you enjoyed it!

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