How Much Calcium is in Your Plant Milk? How the Brands Measure Up


Last Update in January 2022! When we talk about dairy-free living, concerns of calcium frequently come up. But calcium is abundant in our food supply. It’s naturally found in many foods, and is also added via fortification. In fact, there was a time when doctors waived the red flag over calcium toxicity concerns. Convenience food producers were tossing calcium into nearly everything, and sometimes in high quantities. General Mills was adding over 1000 milligrams of calcium to just 1 cup of Total cereal! Companies have since scaled back, and Total is no longer fortified with calcium. Instead, we’re seeing calcium fortification where we most expect it, like in our dairy-free milk alternatives.

How Much Calcium is in Your Plant Milk? Comparison of over 100 dairy-free brands. Plus info on calcium fortification vs dairy milk.

How Much Calcium is in Your Plant Milk? How the Brands Measure Up

Plant milks aren’t naturally rich in calcium, so fortification is needed if a dairy milk nutrition “experience” is desired. Our chart below includes the calcium levels for over 100 brands, along with the type of calcium. To learn more about the calcium types, see our guide to calcium supplements.

Calcium and vitamin D fortification often go hand in hand, and vitamin D is beneficial for calcium usage and bone health. So I’ve included a column for vitamin D, too. The amounts listed below are for 1 cup of dairy-free milk beverage, with dairy (cow’s) milk listed at the top for reference. We used the “original” or “plain” varieties for this comparison. Calcium fortification amounts might vary a little between flavors.

BrandCalcium TypeCalcium (mg)Vitamin D (IU)
Dairy Milk (1%)phosphate290127*
365 Organic Almondmilkphosphate50200
365 Organic Coconut Milkcarbonate140200
365 Organic Oatmilkcarb, phos350144
365 Organic Soymilkcarbonate300200
8th Continent Soymilkphosphate300100
Almond Breeze Almond Milkcarbonate450200
Almond Dreamphosphate390200
Banana Wave Bananamilkphosphate300160
Better Than Milk AlmondN/A00
Better Than Milk Hazelnut RiceN/A00
Better Than Milk OatN/A00
Better Than Milk Riceseaweed2900
Califia Farms Almondmilkcarbonate4300
Califia Farms Oatmilkcarbonate2400
Califia Farms Protein Oat Milkcarbonate595200
Chobani Oat Milkcarb, phos325120
Coconut Dreamphosphate390200
Earth’s Own Oat Milkphos, carb30080
Earth’s Own Almond Milkcarbonate30080
Earth’s Own Cashew Milkcarbonate390360
Elmhurst Milked AlmondsN/A70
Elmhurst Milked CashewsN/A150
Elmhurst Milked HazelnutsN/A240
Elmhurst Milked OatsN/A180
Elmhurst Milked WalnutsN/A240
Forager Project CashewmilkN/A260
Forager Project OatmilkN/A260
Forager Project Soymilkcarbonate260160
Good & Gather Almond Milkcarbonate450100
Good & Gather Coconut Milkphosphate350136
Good & Gather Oatmilkphos, carb110116
Good Karma Flaxmilkphosphate27088
Good Karma Flaxmilk + Proteinphosphate32092
Good Karma Plantmilkphosphate30096
Happy Planet Oatmilkphos, carb30084
Hope & Sesame Sesamemilk (old/new)phosphate130/390400
Kirkland Organic Almond BeverageN/A26200
Kirkland Organic Soy Beveragecarbonate325240
Koita Almond Coconut Milkseaweed2900
Koita Almond MilkN/A100
Koita Coconut MilkN/A00
Koita Oat Milkphosphate29080
Koita Rice MilkN/A00
Koita Soy Milkseaweed38080
Lavva Plant MilkN/A790
Malibu Flax MylkN/A520
Malk Almond MilkN/A390
Malk Cashew MilkN/A80
Malk Pecan MilkN/A170
Mamma Chia Chiamilkcarbonate390480
Milkadamia Macadamia Milkphosphate390200
Mooala Almondmilkcarbonate2800
Mooala Bananamilkcarbonate3000
Mooala Keto Mylkcarbonate14080
New Barn Organic AlmondmilkN/A160
NotMilkcarb, phos320184
Oat Dreamcarb, phos300200
Oatly Oatmilkcarb, phos3500
Oatsome Oat Milkcarbonate28980
Orgain Organic Almond Milkphosphate250120
Pacific Foods Almond MilkN/A080
Pacific Foods Cashew Milkphosphate440
Pacific Foods Coconut Milkphosphate6280
Pacific Foods Hazelnut Milkphosphate12380
Pacific Foods Hemp Milkphosphate25780
Pacific Foods Oat Milkphosphate12180
Pacific Foods Soy MilkN/A350
Pacific Foods Ultra Soy Milkphosphate27680
Planet Oat Oatmilkcarbonate350160
Rice Dreamphosphate390200
Ripple Kidsphosphate455240
Ripple Plant Milkphosphate440240
Rise Oat MilkN/A00
Silk Almondmilkcarbonate450100
Silk Cashewmilkcarbonate45080
Silk Coconutmilkcarbonate46080
Silk Nextmilkcarbonate310160
Silk Oatmilkcarbonate460160
Silk Organic Soymilkcarbonate210120
Silk Protein Milkcarbonate470100
Silk Soymilkphos, carb300120
Silk Ultra Protein Milkcarbonate480160
Simple Truth Almond Milkcarbonate450200
Simple Truth Coconutmilkcarbonate450100
Simple Truth Oatmilkcarb, phos350144
Simple Truth Soymilkcarbonate310124
Simply Almond MilkN/A00
Simply Oat MilkN/A00
So Delicious Organic Coconut Milkphos, carb130100
So Delicious Wondermilkcarb300144
So Nice Soy Milkphosphate30080
Soy Dreamcarbonate390200
Sproud Pea Protein Milkcarbonate325200
Sprouts Organic Almond Milkphosphate50200
Sprouts Organic Oatmilkcarbonate260120
Take Two Barleymilkcarbonate460200
Tempt Hempmilkphosphate390200
Trader Joe’s Almond Cashew & Macadamia Beveragecarbonate1600
Trader Joe’s Almond Milkphosphate450100
Trader Joe’s Coconut Beveragephosphate273200
Trader Joe’s Hemp BeverageN/A00
Trader Joe’s Oat Beveragecarb, phos110116
Trader Joe’s SoymilkN/A260
Uproot Oatmilkcarbonate20064
Uproot Peamilkcarbonate410124
Uproot Soymilkcarbonate360124
WestSoy Organic SoymilkN/A100

*The vitamin D in store-bought milk is actually fortified. How much a milk producer adds via fortification (if any at all) is up to them. So this amount might vary from brand to brand.

Which Dairy-Free Milk Beverages Have the Most Calcium?

The hands-down winner, with a whopping 595 milligrams of calcium per cup is Califia Farms Protein Oat Milk. Silk Ultra Protein (soy-base) and Silk Protein (made with almond, cashew, and pea milk) take the number two and three spots, respectively.

Ripple Kids is actually in the #7 spot, with 455 milligrams of calcium per cup. I mention this as a caution, since children aged 8 and under have lower calcium needs than kids aged 9 and older.

Is Calcium Fortification as Good as Dairy Calcium?

It isn’t necessarily about the medium of calcium consumption, but more about the dynamic of how that calcium is absorbed and used in your body. This depends on the type of calcium consumed, other nutrients consumed during the day (for example, magnesium and vitamin D aid in calcium absorption), hormones, and other factors that, some of which can hinder absorption. We’ll discuss those elements soon, in our healthy bone and calcium series (see below for links). But the short answer is yes, research has found that calcium supplementation is at least as good as calcium consumption via milk.

How Much Calcium is in Your Plant Milk? Comparison of over 100 dairy-free brands. Plus info on calcium fortification vs dairy milk.

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