New Dairy-Free Restaurant Guides Launch for Every U.S. State


We’re giving back to readers and thoughtful eateries with all new dairy-free restaurant guides. These listings are sorted by state, city, and eatery, to make finding new spots a piece of cake. They also include other special diet notes, like vegan, gluten-free, and allergy-friendly. And establishments that go above and beyond for dairy-free guests get our gold ⭐️ star of approval. It’s our way of supporting both the restaurant and dairy-free communities. Learn more below, or go ahead and discover nearby dairy-free options now, in our Dining Out Section.

New Dairy-Free Restaurant Guides Launch for Every U.S. State

New Dairy-Free Restaurant Guides Launch for Every U.S. State

Whether you’re heading on a trip or looking for something new in your hometown, we think you’ll enjoy these features:

  • All 50 U.S. States – We have a dairy-free restaurant guide for each U.S. state. Within each guide, the recommendations are listed alphabetically by city, and then by restaurant name. (Yes, we’re working on the Canadian Provinces too!) They feature local spots, but we also note good chain options.
  • All Types of Eateries – Our dairy-free restaurant guides cover ice cream shops, bakeries, coffeehouses, juice bars, fast casual spots, diners, cafes, fine dining restaurants, chocolatiers, local meal delivery serves, natural food stores, etc. If you can get noteworthy dairy-free food and/or drinks at an establishment, we want to share it.
  • Special Features – As our guides expand, we’ll create break out guides. We’ve already put together detailed dairy-free resources for Disneyland, Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, and EPCOT.
  • Customer Driven – The recommendations come from our own research, direct from the businesses, and from restaurant customers, like you. Every time a reader comments or writes in to share a recommendation, we research it, and in most cases, are able to add it to our dairy-free restaurant guides.
  • Continuously Updated – Any time we read about or hear about a new dining option or (sadly) a restaurant closure, we update! Our goal is to keep these guides relevant and growing daily for you to reference. We’ll continue to do it with your help!

Want to contribute? You can comment directly on any of our guide posts, or send us a message!

For Restaurant, Shop, or Meal Service Owners

Would you like us to include your restaurant, or even highlight it on social media? Send us a message, and for extra consideration, show us how you cater to dairy-free guests specifically. Do you label your menu with dairy-free items specifically? Do you offer a dairy-free menu? Is your staff well-trained in allergen protocols? Is your whole restaurant dairy free? Send us any and all details!

We are Here to Help, but the Decision is Always Yours

Remember, these are recommendations from readers, restaurant staff, and research. They’re to help give you options and ideas for new places to enjoy. But these guides are not intended to replace your own due diligence. Menus and ingredient sourcing are subject to change at any time, and potential cross-contamination with allergens should be considered a possibility in any commercial kitchen. Always verify the menu options before ordering and if the restaurant or shop is “safe” for your needs.

New Dairy-Free Restaurant Guides Launch for Every U.S. State

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