My O’MY, it’s Dairy-Free Vanilla Gelato with Just 1 Gram of Sugar


When summer rolls around, we get to enjoy freedom from heavy clothes, from too much time indoors, and sometimes, for a brief moment, from responsibilities. So why not take pleasure in a little liberation from added sugars, too? O’MY Dairy-Free Gelato has just expanded their ultra-low sugar, keto-friendly line to include the most essential all-weather flavor: Vanilla. It’s a creamy indulgence that keeps it’s cool for almost any dietary need or desire.

Keto-Friendly O'MY Dairy-Free Gelato in Vanilla - plant-based ice cream with just 1 gram of sugar (TOTAL!) per serving! This post is sponsored by O’MY Foods, but the photos and honest opinions in this post are from myself and our photographer, Hannah Kaminsky. We’re O’MY customers! 

My O’MY, it’s Dairy-Free Vanilla Gelato with Just 1 Gram of Sugar

I truly believe the one sweet no one should have to live without is good vanilla ice cream. It’s a decadent treat on its own, but it can also be topped with fresh fruit, embellished with sauces, smashed between cookies, shaped into frozen cakes and pies, or dolloped onto just about any dessert. Plus, it pairs with almost every flavor imaginable.

And thanks to this new Vanilla O’MY Gelato, you and I can enjoy a scoop or two any time. It’s plant-based, keto-friendly, made without the most common allergens, and is even free of added proteins (yes, no pea protein!). And did I mention it contains just 1 gram of sugar (TOTAL!) per generous serving? But I known you probably have some more questions. Fortunately, I have answers …

How Does this Low Sugar, Dairy-Free Vanilla Ice Cream Taste?

The organic coconut cream base in O’MY Keto-Friendly Vanilla Gelato does supply subtle coconut undertones, but in a rich, natural, and pleasing way. Real vanilla beans and pure vanilla extract provide well-rounded, floral, and slightly nutty notes, which pair beautifully with the base. Overall, it has a remarkably clean sweetness that’s balanced and not the least bit overwhelming. The consistency is smooth and creamy, with substance and a little density, but it still melts quickly on the tongue. It’s definitely a sophisticated and modern upgrade on the classic.

Keto-Friendly O'MY Dairy-Free Gelato in Vanilla - plant-based ice cream with just 1 gram of sugar (TOTAL!) per serving!

Is O’MY Allergy-Friendly?

Yes! They provide ingredient transparency and source from supplies that share the same commitment. All O’MY Dairy-Free Gelato flavors are vegan-friendly, and made without milk, eggs, gluten, tree nuts (please note, coconut is not an actual tree nut), peanuts, and soy. During production, they have thorough testing protocols for allergy control. You can learn more in their Allergen Aware Policy.

Why is O’MY Going Super-Low Sugar?

Don’t worry, they haven’t abandoned their classic line, which is made with simple, clean ingredients and organic cane sugar. In fact, it still comes in seven flavors. But according to Julie Bishop, Co-founder and COO of O’MY, ultra low sugar was their #1 consumer request. And since their gelato is already made with rich coconut cream, they knew taking the leap into keto-friendly flavors was feasible.

Does O’MY have other Low Sugar, Dairy-Free Ice Cream Flavors?

Yes! This vanilla pint is actually the third flavor in their low sugar line. You can now buy Keto-Friendly O’MY Dairy-Free Gelato in My O’MY Vanilla, I Love Chocolate, and Cake Walk. All three flavors are made with organic ingredients, boast extremely low-glycemic sweetness, and are made without common allergens, added proteins, or sugar alcohols. You can read more about the other flavors in our Dairy-Free Keto Guide. It also includes dozens of foods, tips, and recipes to aid in dairy-free, low-sugar living.

What Sweeteners does O’MY use for their Keto-Friendly Pints?

Working with alternative sweeteners is challenging, since some have a bitter taste, and some can seem artificially sweet. But according to Julie, allulose provided a seamless solution.

Early on, we made the decision that we would not work with sugar alcohols and explored other options. Allulose quickly rose to the top of the list because it functions very similarly to sugar.

Allulose is naturally found in fruits like figs and raisins, and has a relatively neutral taste. It’s a little less sweet than cane sugar, so O’MY opts to enhance it with just a pinch of stevia and monk fruit extracts. This combination has a fraction of the calories of cane sugar and is non-glycemic. That’s good news for blood sugar levels, insulin, and days when you want maximum satisfaction without exerting too much effort.

Keto-Friendly O'MY Dairy-Free Gelato in Vanilla - plant-based ice cream with just 1 gram of sugar (TOTAL!) per serving!

Where to Buy O’MY Dairy-Free Gelato

You can find O’MY in the frozen food section of several independent grocery and natural food stores in the United States, and at the following major retailers:

  • Sprouts
  • Natural Grocers
  • Giant/Martins
  • Kroger Atlanta and Mid-Atlantic regions
  • Winn Dixie/ Bi-lo
  • Savemart/Lucky Supermarkets
  • Mollie Stones

We bought the Vanilla Keto-Friendly O’MY Dairy-Free Gelato pint pictured at Sprouts. Yes, it’s available now! See the O’MY Store Locator to find their pints near you.

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