New Allergy-Friendly Foods for Back to School


For back to school, the focus is often on snacks and treats (don’t worry, more of those to come!), but there are also some new allergy-friendly foods that will help with convenient meals and healthy breakfasts! Here’s what we found:

The Sneaky Chef No-Nut Butter

Allergic little ones or peanut-free policy at their school? Have no fear, PB&J’s are back on the menu thanks to this new pea butter from The Sneaky Chef. Yes, I said peas! My expectations weren’t high for this somewhat odd creation, but I was pleasantly surprised. It has a peanut butter-esque flavor that is lightly sweet and nutty, but unique. The oil does float to the top (this is an “all-natural” product), but once stirred, you can see the creaminess below. No-Nut Butter It is produced in a nut-free facility, and is naturally gluten-free and dairy-free. We also liked the BPA-free packaging. For more info, visit their website at

New Allergy-Friendly Foods - Sneaky Chef No-Nut Butter

The Sneaky Chef Hidden Veggies Pasta Sauce

But wait! There is more from The Sneaky Chef. Their new Smooth Red Pasta Sauce is brilliantly red with a tomato base, but blended within is a medley of vegetables, including: sweet potato, zucchini, carrot, onion, red pepper, celery, squash, and cauliflower. Yep, all in that simple-looking pasta sauce. It is gluten-free and made without any top allergens. It is also free of added sugars and anything artificial. But take note, they do have a Cheesy Red variety that is not dairy-free! For more info, visit their website at

New Allergy-Friendly Foods - Sneaky Chef Pasta Sauce

Tolerant Foods Organic Bean and Lentil Pasta

And what would a fabulous pasta sauce be without some noodles? Well beyond the ordinary, Tolerant pasta is made with just beans or lentils, that’s it. They are certified gluten-free, but even those of us who eat semolina may want to give tolerant a try, particularly vegans and vegetarians who want more protein in their diet. Why? See that nutrition label below – yes, that is 22 grams of bean protein (and whopping grams of fiber) per 3 ounce serving! I tried this hearty pasta, and though I couldn’t power through a full 3 grams, it was a hearty meal. Tolerant comes in black bean and red lentil varieties, each with three shapes: penne, rotini and mini fettuccine. It is certified organic, vegan, and verified non-GMO. For more info, visit their website at

New Allergy-Friendly Foods - Tolerant Foods Bean Pasta

Applegate Naturals Bologna

This notoriously over-processed deli meat gets a make-under thanks to the Applegate Naturals product line. Their new Uncured Bologna is made with 100% humanely-raised, hormone-free beef and antibiotic-free pork, and it contains no fillers or nitrates / nitrites. It is also gluten-free / casein-free (yes, completely dairy-free) and has 40% less fat and 25%less sodium than conventional brands.

Applegate Naturals Bologna - Pork and Beef

Erewhon Supergrains Quinoa & Chia Cereal (DISCONTINUED)

A mover and shaker in the ancient grains arena, Attune Foods has released this new cereal in their Erewhon Supergrains line. I spotted the Quinoa & Chia at Whole Foods last week and picked up a box immediately. The simple cereal includes just 5 ingredients (organic quinoa, organic brown rice, organic chia seed, organic brown rice syrup, sea salt), and boasts a good dose of protein (6g), fiber (5g), and iron (8%), with only 6 grams of sugars per serving. The taste is hearty, earthy, and addictive. I liked the somewhat savory taste out of hand, but it is also a nice canvas for dried fruit and a tasty milk alternative (read on!). The Quinoa & Chia cereal is vegan, certified gluten-free, tree nut-free, made in a dairy-free and peanut-free facility, certified organic, and non-GMO verified.

New Allergy-Friendly Foods - Erewhon SuperGrains

Quinoa Milk

This is the latest to hit the dairy-free / non-dairy milk alternative market, but it has yet to make a big splash in the allergy-friendly foods category. In Australia, Freedom Foods has just launched their Ancient Grains Quinoa Milk with Chia. Since they are breaking into North America with their cereal, it is possible that this quinoa milk will also make it across the ocean. Freedom Foods keeps it gluten-free and nut-free, but they do use soy lecithin in their quinoa milk alternative. For more info, visit their website at

In Europe, Ecomil (the brand behind Oatly) has launched a quinoa milk. Interestingly enough, it isn’t nut-free, but it does contain just 4 organic, vegan, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free ingredients. They also make a quinoa milk powder. For more info, visit their website at

In North America, Vitasoy (yes vita-soy) has launched a soy-free quinoa milk in Enriched Vanilla and No Sugar Added Original. While it is vegan, dairy-free, soy-free, and seemingly made without top allergens, they do use oats, and I did not see a gluten-free certification. For more info, visit their website at

New Allergy-Friendly Foods - Quinoa Milk

More New Allergy-Friendly Foods in 2013:

Note: Allergy-friendly refers to one or more of the top eight allergens, and on an ingredient basis only. ALWAYS consult the manufacturer to inquire on processes whenever cross-contamination of an allergen is a concern for you or a loved one. Also, ingredients are subject to change at any time. I’m providing this merely as baseline information, ALWAYS read the packaging and ingredients prior to consumption to ensure that the product is still suitable for your dietary needs.

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