A New, Healthy Treat at Denver’s Year-Round Farmer’s Market


October 6, 2010, Denver – You want to eat something tasty, but you know you should eat healthy too.  Who knows how to strike that balance?  You’d trust a nurse practitioner with an apron, wouldn’t you?
There’s a new business, run by Denver-area medical professional Lolita Hanks, where health is taught hands-on through your tastebuds.  The Living Fuel “green smoothie” stand is open Saturdays 8 am to 2 pm at Denver’s year-round Urban Farmer’s Market, at 2nd Ave. & Santa Fe Blvd.  Many vendors sell neat treats there, though not all are as allergy-friendly as Living Fuel’s offerings. 
“I have rheumatoid arthritis, and I have so many allergies that aggravate my symptoms,” said nurse practitioner Lolita Hanks.  “I make these foods to help myself, but they can also help millions of others with allergies who often can’t find anything to eat.  Best yet, they’re tasty enough you don’t know they’re allergy friendly.”

Each week, Hanks prepares raw chili (amazingly zesty and savory!), a variety of popular sunflower seed pates, two types of non-dairy ice creams in wonderful flavors, and several options for green smoothies – basically a flavorful milkshake of mixed fruits and greens – plus lots more (ask about gluten-free granola, faux egg salad or several other raw-food, vegan or gluten/casein-free options).  She already has a regular following of people who show up every week.

“I tell people they can have ice cream for breakfast!” Hanks says.  “My ice creams are made from either cashews or bananas, don’t contain a lot of sugar, and they taste better than other dairy-free desserts.”

Living Fuel is dedicated to helping people reach optimal levels of health through their diets.  The Living Fuel stand at the market is just part of what nurse practitioner Lolita Hanks provides.  A web presence at www.living-fuel.com provides a list of options. She is also the author of a six-week gluten-free, casein-free menu planner that can be found at www.livingglutenfreecaseinfree.com and personalized allergy-free health food and advice.
Lolita Hanks (RN, BSN, MSN, FNP-C) is a Nurse Practitioner with a Master’s of Science from Regis University (2006), and a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center (1995).

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