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Butterscotch Pudding BreadDid you hear the news?  Wednesday, October 16 was World Bread Day, and happy bakers all over the blogosphere have been joyously celebrating with new recipes.  The round-up of recipes is scheduled for this weekend (Oct 20/21) and will be hosted at kochtopf (it really is an international affair!), a definite don't miss for anyone who loves the smell of fresh baked bread and the soft, warm texture as it melts in your mouth.  Can't wait?  I didn't think so.  Read on to discover a teaser bread recipe produced in honor of World Bread Day, and a few tips for converting milk-laden loaves into dairy-free ones…

Butterscotch Pudding Bread (Vegan, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Nut-Free) – Technically, Hannah at Bittersweet was a day late with her creation, but since her heart and intentions were in the right place, and she produced this incredible vegan (yes, dairy and egg-free) quickbread, I suppose we can forgive her. The full recipe is viewable at Bittersweet Blog.

Butterscotch Pudding Bread

Tip: Oetker Organics makes a dairy-free / vegan butterscotch pudding, which is what Hannah used for this delightful loaf.  However, if you can't find Oetker, seek out Mori-nu brand and check labels, as some Jell-O instant pudding flavors are dairy-free / vegan.  Other flavors, such as vanilla, will add their own flair to this recipe.

How to Make Loaves Dairy-Free 

Many bread recipes you will come across use milk based ingredients, but all is not lost, especially with this forgiving type of recipe:

  • Milk – If the recipe calls for milk, this is one time when subbing milk alternatives is a no-brainer.  Milk rarely affects the texture to any great degree in baking, so feel free to use your favorite milk sub (almond, rice, hemp, etc.) as a 1:1 replacement for milk in bread recipes.
  • Butter – Really, this one is all about perfermance and that buttery taste.  In bread (both quick and yeast) I am never hesitant to use a margarine.  For those true butter tasters, it may take some adjustment, but I promise that the loaf will still be quite tasty.  To avoid those trans fats, I like the buttery sticks from Earth Balance.  There are many other butter substitute options, of course, see this article for more ideas.
  • Milk Powder – Many bread machine recipes call for milk powder, a tricky one it seems.  But really, in most of these recipes, your bread will turn out fine if you simply omit the milk powder.  If you feel it matters, then substitute soymilk powder, rice milk powder, or even coconut milk powder to no ill effect.

Don't forget to check for the round-up.  Recipes from all over the globe will be featured (perhaps a true French baguette!). For those of use who are not multi-lilngual, it looks like most of the recipes are in English!

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