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Allergic Girl, Please Don't Pass the Nuts – Reporting from the podcast circuit, Allergic Girl shares her findings from two Revolution Health tele-conferences on Allergies and Asthma.  In April, Dr. Clifford Bassett and advocate Mike Tringale led in the podcast, while in May, Dr. William Storms and advocate Mike Tringale handled the show…

Revolution Health – Podcast #1 – April 11, 2007

The tele-conference call was very interesting last night.

Firstly, meeting and hearing authors of blogs I read regularly was very cool. Secondly, it was great to hear the smart and varied questions we had for the doctor.

In hindsight, I wish that allergies and asthma as topics had been separated out. Of course, they cross over and that's fine; my asthma is allergy related, I get it. But both topics are so huge and comprehensive that we could have spent more time discussing and following up with each question. That’s what I wanted: to follow up with each question that was asked in more of a roundtable discussion format.

Here is a list of the attendees: Gluten Free Girl; Allergy Moms ;; Kids with Food Allergies; Allergizer ; Our Story ; Allergic Girl; moderator Cynthia , and allergy expert Dr. Clifford Bassett.

We did two rounds of one question each and I took some very quick notes as we talked [apologies to any blogger if I didn’t get it quite right].

1. Our Story : What is anaphylaxis?

2. Gluten Free Girl: Please discuss the psychology of allergies/intolerances.

3. False negative results in food allergy testing? Why is that?

4. Allergic Girl: In terms of treatments, what’s on the horizon within the next ten years for allergies and asthma?

5. Kids with Food Allergies: Explain biphasic reactions?

6. Allergizer : Diet during pregnancy, how does it effect potential food allergies in children?

7. Allergy Moms : Please discuss immunology of the skin relating to multiple food allergies.

8. Our Story : Outgrowing milk/eggs allergies, is that possible?

9. Gluten Free Girl: What do you think about the anecdotal evidence about the rise of food allergies?

10. Allergic Girl: What advice would you give to the newly diagnosed allergic or asthmatic adult?

11. Cynthia: Allergic video games? Are they in development?

12. Kids with Food Allergies: The role of epinephrine in treating asthma?

13. Allergizer : Genetically modified foods – how does it relate to food allergies?

14. Allergic Girl: Natural remedies⎯what do you think?

Revolution Health Podcast #1 Link

(Yes, that is my iBook pinging at the beginning. And no, I wasn't aware we were recording when kibbutzing with Ms. Gluten-Free Girl. And no, I don't have an intro for some reason; my first question is about the future of meds for allergies/asthma.)

Revolution Health – Podcast #2 – May 24, 2007

Fascinating hour with not one but two experts on allergies and asthma: Dr. William Storms and AAFA’s own Mike Tringale. There were only four of us bloggers this time around: Allergic Girl, Our Story, Allergy Moms, and Allergyware and we had the undivided attention of these two incredibly knowledgeable experts.

It was less a question by question sitch and more of a round table discussion that allowed for a deeper exploration of the question. We discussed: the very broad definition of asthma; IgE and specific IgE testing; the implications of the new asthma and allergy drug Xolair; the possible peanut allergy vaccine; the possibility of young children aging out of asthma and then aging back in as teenagers and older adults as well as other issues.

I should have the Revolution Health podcast link by tomorrow [see below]. When I do I urge you to have a listen if you or a loved one has allergies, asthma or any combination thereof. Information is power. And this podcast is one power hour.

PS Speaking of powerful information, AAFA’s site is a treasure trove of realiable FREE information and downloadables, even assistance finding a doctor in your area. Check it out if you haven’t already.

Revolution Health Podcast #2 Link

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  1. I just subscribed and I am so glad there is finally some recognition and information about allergies and the misery that goes with them. I have had food, mainly dairy, drug, chemical, plant and environmental allergies for years and there has been little information until recently. I am self taught about that and had so many reactions to different medicines that in the early 70s, I started to learn about herbal and homeopathic remedies and they have been my life saver. I am healthy except for my multiple allergies and symptoms and these alternative remedies have kept me on track. I am on several antihistamine, decongestant and steroid meds to keep control of sinusitis, asthma, and skin problems, but for the most part I use alternative remedies. Thank you for this website. I am interested in the IgE testing. Not sure I have had that, but the link here did not work. My biggest problem is where to buy dairy free products, in my small town and area. If not enough people buy it, they don’t carry it. I hope your website grows and grows.

    • Hi Jeanne, thank you for sharing your story and I do hope that you find some health answers. This page does need some updating! That said, our website does continue to grow – you’ll find nearly 7000 pages of content here to help 🙂

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