America’s Toughest Trainer Promotes Dairy-Free Milk Alternative


I frequently stumble across fitness boards packed with milk-based recipes and lactose intolerant body builders who are terrified to give up dairy. (Even though everyone at the gym wishes they would!) But these days, more and more fitness experts are jumping on the dairy-free and even vegan bandwagon. Even Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser has cast her vote for cutting back on dairy.

Jillian Michaels for Dairy-Free So DeliciousQuite possibly America’s most famous trainer, Michaels has teamed up with So Delicious Dairy Free, to promote one of her favorite drinks, their So Delicious Coconut Milk Beverage.

The Coconut Milk Beverage is smooth and rich, yet far lower in fat, calories and thickness than even light coconut milk. It was released in mid-2009, and shortly thereafter gained Michaels as a loyal customer.

“I loved it straight away,” Michaels says. “What’s not to love? It’s naturally energizing. And, the health benefits and the taste are outstanding. I put it in everything. My tea, my granola, in my smoothies, straight up — you name it.”

Jillian Michaels will be featured in the multi-media campaign “Change Your Milk. Change Your Life,” which breaks nationwide in January 2011.

Eat Dairy-Free, Like Jillian Michaels for a Day

Fitness lovers and body builders often think a dairy-free diet will slash their potential gains, and somehow undermine their health. Rather than write a long-winded article, I thought an example might hit home more efficiently. Jillian isn’t 100% dairy-free, but as you can see below, she doesn’t believe in the need for dairy to keep your body strong.

This is a day in the food life of Jillian Michaels, as reported in an interview with Self magazine.  would seem to support the notion that this world-famous trainer (with an incredible body to back it up!) doesn’t believe consuming a bunch of dairy is required to keep your body strong …

Breakfast – Two whole Ezekiel English Muffins topped with almond butter. This is Jillian’s carbo-loading time, but she makes it whole grain and adds some fat and protein to keep her going. Ezekiel English Muffins are made with sprouted whole grains and all varieties we have seen to date are dairy-free.

Lunch – Midday typically brings some variety of fish and vegetables. One example she notes is “Salmon carpaccio and a vegetable or salad. But if it comes with cheese, I won’t eat the cheese.”

Snack – For a good carb / protein mix, Jillian snacks on hummus and carrot sticks, chips and salsa, or an orange and some raw nuts

Dinner – She didn’t list specifics, but Jillian said she tries to keep the carbs low in her final meal, and goes heavy on the fish.

Dessert – Jillian loves chocolate, dark chocolate to be specific. She eats around 200 calories a day of it. And if she knows the best way to get the most antioxidants from dark chocolate (which I’m sure she does) then she’s probably nibbling on dairy-free, low sugar chocolate.

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