BingGo! You Found Them at Divvies Fun-to-Eat, Gourmet, Nut- and Dairy-Free Chocolate Bars


Divvies Bingo Chocolate BarsDivvies  launches  scrumptious BingGo! Divvine Chocolate and BingGo!  Benjamint Crunch gourmet chocolate bars in  wonderfully clever packaging. These chocolate bars are  hand poured in Divvies-own dedicated facility, which means that not even  trace amounts of peanuts, tree nuts, milk or eggs will ever make it through  the door and into their products. An added bonus, these chocolate bars are gluten-free,  too. BingGo! Divvine Chocolate and BingGo!  Benjamint Crunch are absolutely decadent and  sharing with friends may be difficult, so Divvies designed the bars to make  doing so a bit easier to swallow … chocolate lovers will laugh when they open the BingGo! wrapper  and see.  Benjamint Crunch has been named in honor of Benjamin Sandler, the inspiration behind Divvies, whose  favorite flavor happens to be peppermint! …

The  chocolate bars’ name, BingGo! captures the feeling of sweet success a person with food  allergies feels when he finally hits on something tempting he can enjoy  along with friends who do not have to scrutinize ingredient labels.  BingGo!  wrappers are bright, colorful and evoke a bygone  era when Mom and Pop candy stores could be found on every corner of a local  neighborhood.  

While  Divvies is a national company, it is filled with the warmth and spirit of  Mark and Lori Sandler’s family.  The Sandler’s youngest son Benjamin was born with  life-threatening food allergies.   The heartache of seeing Benjamin unable to share food with friends  and family is the force that drives Divvies.  Mark and Lori were determined to  develop a line of safe, tasty treats so everyone with or without food  allergies, could feel included while eating and celebrating.  It’s no wonder that every Divvies  product carries the heartwarming tagline, “made to  share”.

For  Benjamin and over 12 million other Americans born with severe food  allergies, eating “off the shelf” and gourmet foods can be  life-threatening.  That’s why  all Divvies products are made with such precision and care.   Divvies  upscale packaging is labeled clearly so parents can be assured what they are  purchasing is made without peanuts, tree nuts, eggs and  milk.

BingGo! Divvine Chocolate and BingGo!  Benjamint Crunch joins Divvies gourmet lineup of  cookies, cupcakes, popcorns and candies…all Kosher Parve, vegan, nut-, egg, and dairy-free.  Because Divvies are made to share,  they also make great gifts, sold in beautifully packaged boxes, perfect for  any occasion, for anyone with a sweet tooth.  Divvies are available online at <> , at Disney World, and select gourmet  shops.

Divvies  is  headquartered in South  Salem, NY, and is  committed to raising awareness about and identifying new ways to help  parents and children cope with food allergies.  Divvies  donates a portion of sales proceeds of their gift boxes to the Food  Allergy Initiative, an organization dedicated to food allergy research.  For a press kit, contact Mark Sandler:  914-533-0333 or

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