Blue Smoke Hosts Worry-Free Dinners™ Events Monthly Produced by Allergic Girl Resources, Inc.


New York, NYWorry-Free Dinners™ and Danny Meyer’s Blue Smoke (Blue Smoke, 116 East 27th St., New York City) are partnering to bring family-friendly, allergy-friendly monthly events beginning March 2009 through the rest of 2009. These events are designed to enable food-allergic diners to come together and dine with ease, knowing Blue Smoke's Executive Chef Ken Callaghan and the restaurant’s entire team are sensitive to and will happily accommodate special requests …

Membership in Worry-Free Dinners™ allows guests to dine without anxiety. It is a club created for food-allergic individuals, who often find restaurant dining to be a harrowing experience. Worry-Free Dinners™ offers an intimate and safe environment in which to dine with similarly restricted companions at a pre-screened restaurant.

Sloane Miller, President, Allergic Girl Resources, Inc., created Worry-Free Dinners™ , a niche-dining concept based on her love of food and her experiences as a regular restaurant diner with severe food allergies. After much trial and error, Ms. Miller found restaurants and chefs that were only too happy to create safe meals for food-allergic diners. Ms. Miller, who also provides consulting to the food service industry, is dedicated to finding ways to make life easier and more enjoyable for the food-allergic community.

Special menus are planned carefully in advance by the chef with valuable input from Ms. Miller. Events are open to a group of as many as 16 diners whose allergies are manageable and match the planned menu (e.g. peanut-allergic diners would sign up for a peanut-free Worry-Free Dinners meal). The camaraderie of dining with like-minded patrons is a key factor in the WFD philosophy. Ms. Miller gives tips on successfully replicating a positive dining experience and provides language to dialogue effectively with chefs and restaurant management so that restaurant doors open to allergic diners.

"My Worry-Free Dinners experience at Blue Smoke was the all time best restaurant experience my son has ever had. The attention to every detail made him feel totally safe without there being an over-emphasis on him.  Every person at the table enjoyed the meal…allergic or not.  As parents of an allergic child, there are no words to describe how happy we were to see him enjoy himself so much.  Much appreciation to Sloane and the Worry-Free Dinners team!”— Cathy P., Norwood, NJ

“My daughter has celiac and usually has very few choices when we go out to eat. Last night’s dinner at Blue Smoke was delicious and not only did she COMPLETELY enjoy her meal, my whole family did. The restaurant was great in every way. Thanks for a great evening, you really made it an enjoyable experience!”— Nicole P., Norwood, NJ

For more information about Worry-Free Dinners™ please contact Sloane Miller: (917) 549-8185 or visit


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