Breast Cancer Prevention: Eat Less Grapefruit


Alisa Fleming – How many times have we heard, “everything in moderation?”  Yet, with an entire diet based around this bitter citrus fruit, really the grapefruit isn’t one of the main foods I was concerned about getting too much of.  Nonetheless, scientists have possibly found a connection between eating grapefruit and breast cancer.

Obviously, there is no reason to banish this nutrient rich fruit as of yet, the problem may be in eating it too often.  It seems that those who eat just a quarter of a grapefruit ever day could raise their risk of developing breast cancer by almost one third. 

The study, as reported in the British Journal of Cancer, looked at 50,000 post-menopausal women.  The researchers, out of Southern California and Hawaii universities, speculate that the fruit may boost levels of oestrogen, a hormone associated with a higher risk of breast cancer.

This is not the first time grapefruit has received a finger pointing.  Grapefruit juice is often warned against when taking certain medications, as it may inhibit drug uptake in the intestine.  Of course, this breast cancer – grapefruit research is very preliminary and still quite speculative, but it is interesting nonetheless.

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