Chillin’ in the Sun with Frozen Grapes


Rob Benes, Kids Cuisine – What a simple concept! What a great low-fat, no-added-sugar snack! What an easy way to have your kids get some vitamins! What a fun way to cool down after playing outside in the hot summer sun!

There’s no cooking, so that means there’s no dicing, chopping, peeling and stirring. There’s no mess, so that means there are no dishes or stained t-shirts to wash. And, they’re portable — take them out of the freezer, put them in a cooler with an ice pack, and enjoy them on the road, in the park or anywhere.

Here’s the recipe:

A bunch of seedless grapes

(1) Remove grapes from stems. (2) Wash the grapes. (3) Place grapes in a bowl. (4) Put bowl in freezer for a few hours. (5) After grapes are frozen, eat them.

Now that’s one of the simplest recipes I’ve ever written.

There is one word of caution, though. Be sure your little one is big enough to each a frozen grape. You don’t want little Timmy or Janie to accidently swallow one and start choking. They can be a slippery.

Frozen grapes! Now, that’s pure summer fun!

Rob Benes also maintains a Glen Ellyn, IL blog of restaurant reviews and news.

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