Discovering Yummy All Natural Fruit Snack Bars from Mother’s Cupboard


Mother's Cupboard Dairy-Free Fruit Snack BarsCompared to the tales of Expo West, the Natural Marketplace held in Las Vegas in July was very modest. Yet, what it lacked in awe, it made up for in intimacy, the ability to learn more about the products / companies, and in some cases, meet the owners. Such was the case with Mother's Cupboard. Two cheerful and friendly moms were handing out full-sized samples of their new bars and were proud to give me the rundown of what they stand for … dairy-free (specifically, gotta love that!), all natural, no preservatives, etc.

The word "bar" has become synonymous with such a wide-array of snack items, so I want to clarify what type of bar you will get from Mother's Cupboard. Perhaps you have heard of Fig Newtons? Think of this theme, but in a larger, longer, bar format. Got it? Okay, now that we are on the same page, I can move onto the next topic, taste …

I really couldn't think of a better way to describe these bars than "yummy!" That about sums it up. They come in three flavors, raspberry, apple, and date. I found the rapberry to be the sweetest of the three, and while the first few bites were simply wonderful, it had become a bit too sweet for my palate by the time I reached the end. As a kid, no problem – I would have been in heaven, but as an adult, a little less sugar will do. The other two flavors delivered on this, and since I decided to share these with my husband (I know, I am so generous), I also got his two thumbs up. The date version was fairly similar to a fig newton filling in taste and texture, but just a bit sweeter. While we loved them, I could only imagine how well these would go over with kid; they reminded me so much of the flavors of my own childhood.

Now, onto the next important topic, price. I was seriously impressed when I went online to look at the cost of these bars. I have gotten so used to all natural price tags, that I had to do a double take when I saw $3.50 for a package of 15 bars! Pretty decent for today's frugal economy.

Since I didn't see ingredients on their website as of yet, I have included the ingredients for one of the bars below. But you can also contact the moms directly with questions and order their bars online from the Mother's Cupboard website at

Mother's Cupboard Raspberry Snack Bar Ingredients: Figs, corn syrup, unbleached wheat flour, sugar, flaked corn, flaked oatmeal, baking oil (palm, soybean, canola), corn sugar, salt, baking soda, citric acid, vanilla, natural flavor & color. Manufactured on equipment that processes products containing peanuts and other nuts.

Mother's Cupboard Dairy-Free Fruit Snack Bars

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