Earth Source Organics Joins Bribri Tribe


San Marcos, CAEarth Source Organics, a producer of raw, organic chocolate bars, has joined the efforts of El Puente (The Bridge) non-profit organization to support the Bribri tribe of Costa Rica. The Bribri is an indigenous tribe of the Talamanca region that cultivates cacao crops. Earth Source’s donations will help sustain the Bribri’s educational, nutritional and financial needs in order for the tribe to become self-sufficient.

“We are really excited about this adventure, says Audrey Darrow, Earth Source President and CEO. “Our corporate mission is to give back to the indigenous communities that are the sources of our ingredients. What better way to preserve the earth’s natural resources than to work with a society which subsists on its own agriculture.”

Barry and Nanci Stevens, Co-Founders of El Puente added, "We are thrilled to be able to serve as a 'Bridge' between Earth Source Organics and members of the Bribri tribe here in Costa Rica. The potential of this relationship is that it can restart production of organically produced chocolate.”

The Bribri were the original people of the region, living in the mountains and Caribbean coastal areas of Costa Rica and northern Panama. They are one of the few existing indigenous tribes with an estimated 30,000 members. Bribri has managed to preserve its native language, customs and traditions.

A recent blight of the cacao plants almost demolished the tribe’s entire crop. Earth Source’s goal is to become involved from cultivation to harvest in restoring this important source of cacao, as well as every major aspect of the Bribri agriculture.

About Earth Source Organics

Earth Source Organics, a producer of raw, organic chocolate bars and high frequency foods, was founded by Audrey Darrow on the premise that the food we eat be the essence of good health. A six-year survivor of breast cancer, Audrey discovered that the after-effects from chemotherapy and radiation treatments were extremely devastating to the body. It became her mission to become more informed on healthy, high frequency foods and then to educate the world about them.

Earth Source bars are CERTIFIED organic, vegan, kosher, gluten free and made in a nut free facility. The company also offers co-packaging services to small manufacturers who need the capability of building their product lines without all the overhead costs in a certified facility that operates under GMP guidelines.

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