Eat Your Veggies, Skip the Hotdogs


Alisa Fleming – The food processors have attempted to combat the natural value of fruits and veggies, but several nutrition-based scientists have prevailed.  Three studies recently presented at a meeting for the American Association for Cancer Research produced affirmative results for the cancer-fighting powers of fruits and vegetables.  In fact, they were found to help lower your chances of getting head and neck, breast, ovarian AND pancreatic cancers.

To add insult to injury for those companies who make a living by synthesizing food, it seems that cured meats (like ham, bacon, deli meats, and hotdogs) may result in a higher risk for lung disease.  In a study out of the Columbia University Medical Center in New York, those who ate cured meat products 14 times a month or more (roughly every other day) were almost twice as likely to develop chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) over those who consumed none.  This isn’t too surprising, when we consider the laundry list of evidence building against the nitrites used in these foods.

An interesting tie together on these two studies:  Those who consumed cured meats more frequently had lower intakes of fruits and vegetables!

If you do opt to purchase cured meats, use caution.  Keep an eye out for nitrites/nitrates on the label, as well as dairy ingredients, which may linger (yes, even in meat!).  Our product lists include some nitrite and dairy-free options.

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