Food Allergy Intiative Offers iPad Incentive to “Give it Up”


Food Allergy Initiative The Food Allergy Initiative (FAI) has launched a new national advocacy campaign “Give It Up” in conjunction with this year’s Food Allergy Awareness Week, May 9th through May 15th. The “Give It Up” campaign encourages children, parents, family and friends to show support for the millions of Americans with food allergies by abstaining from eating a favorite food during the week. Campaign participants are invited to join FAI’s Facebook community and are also encouraged to contact their elected officials to raise awareness about the need for a cure for food allergies.

I know what some of you are thinking – we are already half way through Food Allergy Awareness Week. True, we are a bit late in posting this announcement, but that doesn't mean you are too late to join in, or too late to win an iPad. Oops, what was that I just mentioned? A contest? Oh yes, read on …

The “Give It Up” Facebook page encourages supporters to share photos and/or videos on how they are “giving up” a favorite food.  One lucky person will win an Apple iPad, and the entry deadline is May 31, 2010 (yes, there is time!).  Individuals and schools can even download an eCertificate that can be personalized and printed, showing their participation in the cause.  To join FAI’s Facebook page and learn more, visit Here are some examples of what campaign participants are doing to “Give It Up!”…

“I work with families who live with food allergies but don't have any personal or family experience with food allergies, so this week I decided to give up dairy. Thanks to FAI for inspiring us to GIVE IT UP for FAAW!” – Marion Groetch

“My 6 year old daughter is severely allergic to peanuts so we avoid all nuts but when I'm away from her I sometimes secretly indulge. I am giving up that little treat in honor of her. Thank you FAI for making it so easy to contact our legislators in hopes of getting the support to find a cure for food allergies.”  – Lisa Johnson

“My 5 yr old son is allergic to 7 of the major 8. Our home is fish/shellfish/peanut/treenut and egg-free to keep him safe. This week I am giving up cheese in support of my smart, beautiful, little hero! Thanks to my friends and family who are doing the same in his name!”  – Nicole DiSpena Grady

For more information on what campaign participants are doing to Give It Up this week go to the Food Allergy Initiative Fan Page at

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