Foods Alive Expands Distribution of Specialty Flax Oil Products


Along with the addition of some new organic super food products (chia seed, goji berries, cacao powder, maca powder, and jungle peanuts), Foods Alive Flax Oils will soon be available to more stores. In combination with Garden Spot distributors, Foods Alive will bring their certified organic gourmet golden flax oils to store shelves across the Northeast portion of the United States.  States in this area include VA, MD, PA, WV, DC, DE, NJ, RI, CT, NH, MA , NY, and OH. In addition, Garden Spot serves many other customers via UPS or commercial trucking. If you do not see their products on the shelf, you can request them from your local natural food grocer.

Available in 16 oz. bottles, these three (3) flax oils are a whole new experience and a great way to get  your Omega-3 EFA’s.  Look for them with the other flax oils or with the refrigerated salad dressings.
Flavors include: High Lignan, Mike’s Special, and Sweet Mustard.

High Lignan – Why gourmet golden?….simple, it just tastes better.  Being picky about the flaxseed we cold-press allows us to create the smoothest, creamiest, nuttiest, almost buttery golden flax oil.  Try it on a baked potato or in your next blended drink.  Are you due for an oil change?  Taste the difference, go for the GOLD!

Mike’s Special – 50% golden flax oil blended with savory garlic, paprika, and apple cider vinegar create a mouth watering new dressing for every occasion.  Great on salad/slaw, sandwiches/wraps, rice/stir fry, potatoes, you name it!  Sure to win over even the pickiest eaters and your Kids will love it too!

Sweet Mustard – 50% golden flax oil blended with gourmet Dijon mustard and sweet Agave nectar create the perfect honey mustard sauce for salad, rice, wraps, pasta/potato salads, tuna/salmon patties, and so much more!

For product images, ingredients, and nutritional info, please visit their recently updated website

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