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Beginning today, Tuesday, August 7 at 8pm PST, a free raw foods health and nutrition teleseminar series will bring together twelve top natural food health experts from around the world.  The schedule below runs from August 7 to August 22, with one guest speaker per day.  Anyone interested can listen to the seminar at no charge by calling in via phone or popping in online. 

Registration is required at the teleseminar website, though the general seminar is free once registered.  Of course, upgrades are available for a fee offering perks that you can read about on the website.   

The schedule and lineup of guests is as follows:

Tuesday August 7: 8:00 PM EDT – David Wolfe
Wednesday August 8: 8:00 PM EDT – Dr. Gabriel Cousens
Thursday August 9: 8:00 PM EDT – Dorit
Friday August 10: 8:00 PM EDT – Mike Adams
Saturday August 11: 8:00 PM EDT – Victoria Boutenko
Monday August 13: 8:00 PM EDT – Brendan Brazier
Tuesday August 14: 8:00 PM EDT – Brenda Cobb
Wednesday August 15: 8:00 PM EDT – Matt Monarch
Thursday August 16: 8:00 PM EDT – Angela Stokes
Friday August 17: 8:00 PM EDT – Happy Oasis
Saturday August 18 8:00 PM EDT – Rhio
Monday August 20 8:00 PM EDT – Richard Blackman
Tuesday August 21 8:00 PM EDT – Shazzie
Tuesday August 22 8:00 PM EDT – Special Wrap Up

Here's a description of the presenters and what they will be sharing:

David Wolfe: Living and Raw Food Nutrition Expert
World's Authority on Whole Food Nutrition

Is it possible to feel great all the time? According to David it is… In this program, David will cover what he's up to in the raw and living food world, some new distinctions he's made in the last 6 months and how you can embrace success in what ever you do using the power of living food.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens: Detoxification and Body Cleansing Expert
Founder of The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona

From a Scholar Athlete inducted into the National Football Hall of Fame to a spiritual and medical healer, Dr. Gabriel Cousens has authored several best-selling books on nutrition, medicine and spirituality. Join him as he reveals his age defying detoxification secrets, the power of fasting, how to fight diabetes effectively and how to stop the poisoning of infants.

Dorit: Plant Based, Living Foods Transition Expert
Author of "Celebrating Our Raw Nature"

Be prepared to get incredible new insights into the living food lifestyle and how to help yourself and your friends and family get healthy, happier and energized. Adding variety to her work as a Certified Living Foods Chef, Dorit is an educator for the Chopra Centre, coaches Lifeskills Groups, and is a retreat and workshop leader for medically supervised Cleansing and Detoxification Retreats.

Mike Adams: The Health Ranger
Author, public speaker and editor of

Learn how Mike went through a personal transformation to become a health evangelist. In his talk, Mike will talk about his predictions for the future in the health industry, what you need to be aware of to protect yourself from food and drug companies right now, and how you can make a lasting difference in your health by embracing simple, yet powerful changes in your diet and lifestyle.

Victoria Buenos: Living Food and "Living Family" Expert
Author of "Raw Family"

Let Victoria tell you the secrets on how she brought up a raw family, how she's healing people with her amazing new study and how to maintain your energy and vitality with smoothies. In this presentation, Victoria will talk about her new and incredible findings in the field of raw nutrition and healing.

Brendan Brazier: Raw Triathlete and Ultra Marathon Champion
Author of "Thrive"

Learn the secrets of a top performing raw athlete. Find out how it's possible to get maximum performance from your body with plant based foods. Brendan is a professional Ironman triathlete, the 2003 and 2006 Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon Champion, a bestselling author on performance nutrition and the creator of an award-winning meal replacement and energy bar formula called VEGA.

Rhio: Health Activist and Radio Show Host
Author, Actress and Investigative Reporter

Listen in as Rhio provides commentary on some of the most pressing health issues of our time, such as genetic engineering of seeds, food irradiation, electro-magnetic pollution, etc. In 1997, Rhio started "Rhio's Raw Energy Hotline" on one of her phone lines in New York City where she lives. The hotline, which is updated once each month, provides information for people who are interested in the raw/live food lifestyle, including upcoming events in the New York area as well as worldwide.

Matt Monarch: Raw Foodist and Author
Author of "Raw Spirit"

After five years of eating a 100% raw food diet, Matt was inspired to write a book called Raw Spirit. He wanted to share information that he thought needed to be out there, reflecting in particular on some of the physical challenges of going raw, along with the amazing shifts he experienced on the spiritual level with this lifestyle. Raw Spirit has become one of the best-selling raw books available people appreciate Matt's honest approach and his willingness to discuss aspects of being raw that often go unmentioned. He is committed to the raw lifestyle and passionate about spreading this message of health to others.

Happy Oasis: Founder, President and Chief Visionary Officer of Raw Spirit Festival
CVO – Raw Spirit Festival

Learn how Happy has created an incredible non-profit and festival where all raw and living foodies congregate. Happy feels inexpressibly grateful to you for co-creating this dream of a healthier humanity and home planet, as well as an opportunity to live at least one weekend annually in heaven on Earth as an example of what is possible for us all every day!

Angela Stokes: Raw Weight Loss Expert (And Testimonial!)
Author of "Raw Reform – How to Go Raw for Weight Loss"

Back in 2002, Angela was 23 years old, about 19 stone (266lbs/120kg), UK dress size 26-28 and lost in miserable cycles of a non-existent love-life, uncontrollable overeating and complete denial. Now she's an author and raw activist who has lost all the weight and gained some incredible insights along the way.

Brenda Cobb: Living Food Cancer Survivor and Advocate
Founder of the Living Foods Institute

Find out how she overcame the early stages of breast and cervical cancer without the use of drugs or surgery by following the simple principles of detoxification and nutrition. She also got rid of allergies, acid reflux, indigestion, arthritis, obesity, age or liver spots, and gray hair. She looks and feels 10 years younger than she did 10 years ago. Brenda Cobb is the Founder and Director of The Living Foods Institute for promoting healthy eating and healthy living.

Richard Blackman: Strength Training Expert and Fruitarian
Founder of Fruitarian Fitness

Learn the strength training secrets of a raw fruitarian. Richard was a meat/junk food eater until my mid twenties, up until then, he had lived to eat and didn't know any different. Eventually, it reached the point where he couldn't stand to eat anymore cooked food, the more he ate, the more bloated and sick he felt. Now he's gone completely raw and shares his knowledge of fitness with camps and talks.

Special Guest! – Shazzie: Raw Chocolate Revolutionary and Entrepreneur
Author and Founder of Detox Your World

Listen in as Shazzie explains what it's like to live in "ecstatic bliss", how to detox your environment and relationships and how she cares for her raw child. Shazzie is an raw chocolate revolutionary, author and entrepreneur. Her talk will inspire you to take action and live the life of your dreams… we promise!

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Information is as reported on News Target by Mike Adams.

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