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Alisa Fleming ~ This month’s issue of Vegan Culinary Experience (It’s completely FREE to download!) was a surprise delight to my inbox with the theme of mushrooms! Honestly, I didn’t think there would be enough content on the topic of mushrooms alone for an entire magazine, but Chef Jason Wyrick never ceases to amaze. This is a packed-full issue with free vegan recipes and tips. It is easily one of my favorites to date.

The Vegan Culinary Experience Mushroom Issue - Free Vegan Recipes and More

Registered Dietician Jill Nussinow starts us off with a full article on the health benefits of mushrooms. I was sucked in immediately by this excerpt: “Mushrooms are unique because they are not vegetables. They are fungi. They contain substances not found in other plant foods such as chitin, usually found in the shells of crustaceans, and beta glucans, a type of fiber (read this article by mushroom master Paul Stamets to learn more.) Mushrooms are also the only non‐animal source of Vitamin D and contain potent antioxidants.”

Other random bites from this fascinating issue include:

  • How to make your own mushroom stocks and oil infusions
  • Cultivating mushrooms at home
  • A visual guide to the various types of mushrooms (along with tasting notes and cooking tips)
  • Free vegan recipes! Stuffed Mushrooms (more than one recipe, naturally), Chocolate Candied Mushrooms, BBQ Portabella Sliders (pictured above), Shiitake on a Shingle, Chanterelle Risotto, Maitake Chorizo Tamales, Portabella Wellington, Oyster Mushroom “Bacon” Biscuits, Mushroom Walnut Pate, Truffle Vegan Cheese, and the list goes on, and on, and on. Seriously, I’ve never seen so many recipe ideas for using mushrooms, let alone strictly dairy-free and vegan ones!
  • Plus, as in every issues, there are interviews, book and product reviews, travel notes, and more …

Well, what are you waiting for? Head over to the Vegan Culinary Experience website to download the 2012 Mushroom e-Magazine Issue. Don’t forget to sign up for the email updates. I’ve been getting them for years, and never a spam, just an update when more wonderful recipes are available!

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