Go Dairy Free Updates No Milk Menu Listings for Fast Food Restaurants


Fast Food Listings for Non-Dairy You asked for it, so we got to work. For the past couple of weeks we have been scouring websites and corresponding with customer service reps to update (and add to) our Go Dairy Free Fast Food Restaurant Listings. From McDonald's to Subway and Domino's to Popeye's you can view our menu suggestions for items made without milk / dairy ingredients.

Wherever possible, the listings include a menu of items that are non-dairy (do not contain milk in the ingredients), special order suggestions, and links to the restaurant allergen charts and / or ingredient information to allow you to do your own research. Beyond lactose intolerance and milk allergies, these links are helpful if you have other dietary needs too, such as vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free, or multiple food allergies (soy, nuts, eggs, etc.).

In addition to the 2010 updates (using 2009 / 2010 data), we have expanded the listings to include more fast food restaurants, and have also added Canadian listings. Burger King (for example) in the U.S. has different menu items and processes than those in Canada, so we thought these new references would be helpful.

Note: Do keep in mind that fast food restaurants and restaurants in general are a minefield for allergen cross-contamination. Those with severe milk allergies (or food allergies in general) should always double check ingredients, processes, and product preparation prior to consumption of any food in a restaurant setting. Also, ingredients, menu items, and processes are subject to change at any time and without our knowledge. Though we do our best to update, we cannot guarantee timely changes and are not involved in the food production and preparation process. Therefore we cannot guarantee the accuracy of these listings. They are for informational purposes only, and to aid you in discovering some menu items that may work for you, but should not be relied on exclusively.

To view the listings, head to the Fast Food Restaurants category in our Dining Out section.

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