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MacroBars and MacroTreatsYears ago I sampled the all-natural product line of bars and healthy cookies from Go Macro. My wholesome sweet tooth thoroughly enjoyed them back then, but Go Macro continued on their pursuit for perfection. They have recently discontinued their cookie line and replaced them with a full line of gluten-free cookies, otherwise known as MacroTreats. Plus, they have a snazzy new website and new eco-friendly packaging (the boxes can even be planted!).

All of the MacroBars, MacroNutrientBars, and MacroTreats from Go Macro are true “whole food” bars to keep with the macrobiotic theme – naturally sweetened (using organic brown rice syrup and/or organic agave nectar), made with whole grains, and packed full of nuts, seeds, and / or fruits. They are also vegan, wheat-free (with many gluten-free varieties), and for the most part, soy-free (see my note below).

So they have won us over with ingredients and eco-consciousness, but how do the new flavors of Go Macro taste? I’ll let Sarena and her family tell you, since they had the opportunity to trial the whole line … 

"Ordinarily, I am not a bar or cookie person.  Especially not prepackaged.  However there are times when you need a quick snack to hold you over.  We can't always prepare things from scratch, so when that happens, we turn to things that are filling, tasty, healthy and easy to tote around like these MacroBars and MacroTreats

MacroBars and MacroTreats

I got these a while back and we have worked our way through them.  I was intrigued by the variety of flavors and that some of them were gluten free too!  All of their products are vegan and some are high in protein for meal replacement options!  I don't like the usual bars at the store that are small, loaded with preservatives, high fructose corn syrup and all around junky.  MacroBars and MacroTreats are made daily with no preservatives or additives so I was happy to serve them to my family!  They are grain sweetened and the fats are all from seeds and nuts.

These are a couple of MacroBars that I actually got shots of since we ate these at home for a "pick me up".  Otherwise, they were eaten on the go. 

MacroBars and MacroTreats
MacroBars and MacroTreats

They aren't kidding about the ingredients they use!  I was so happy to see the nuts or seeds they said were in them actually be in them. Plus, you can actually taste all of the ingredients. The texture of the bars was chewy with crunch from the seeds or nuts. 

The cookies were the same as far as being able to identify the flavor and textures.  They were a little on the drier side of cookies.  The cookies were good, just not chewy like the bars.  Both the bars and the cookies were substantial in size so they could be used as a snack or a mini meal to get you through.

I love the philosophy of GoMacro.  They are about sustainability and healthful living.  This is definitely in line with my thinking on food.  For me, it is important to offer my family healthy on the go treats and GoMacro definitely delivers this in a tasty package!  If you are someone that needs on the go foods and your focus on food is environment and health, you should definitely check them out.  They are sold in stores, but you can also order them direct from the GoMacro Website and select varieties are available at a discount on Amazon.

To note, my favorites were the Almond Butter w/Carob and Peanut Protein!"

*All varieties are wheat-free, and select varieties of these products are gluten-free. Also, the flavors with carob chips or chocolate chips contain soy lecithin, but the rest are made without soy ingredients.


Article by Alisa Fleming, author of Go Dairy Free: The Guide and Cookbook. Third party review and photos by Sarena Shasteen of The Non-Dairy QueenFor more information on this product, see the GoMacro Website.

MacroBars and MacroTreats

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