Healthy Breakfast Tips: How to Enjoy Whole Grains without added Sugars


Whole Grain Vegan Cereal with No Added SugarsIn a discussion with Annelies at Attune Foods, she mentioned how many people have trouble transitioning from their ordinary breakfast routine (often filled with sugars in the form of sweetened breakfast cereals, pastries, or sweet spreads) to their hearty Uncle Sam Cereal (pure whole grain and flax seed goodness). Slamming your taste buds straight from sweet to almost savory can be a bit of a shock, especially in the early morning when our senses shout "Need quick energy, grab sugar!" So I thought it would be fun this month to share my secrets to migrating slowly from sweet to savory and for naturally sweetening breakfast cereal without any added sugar (including honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, and plain old white sugar).

I am a self-described sweet tooth, so when I decided to give up a.m. sugars last year (that's right, no added sugars before noon!) it was quite a transition. It was time to get creative for those mornings when I simply must have something that is at least a little sweet. One of my fixes, was this quick recipe for Hearty Vegan Breakfast Cereal & Fruit. Head to this post (I was asked to guest post on Attune Foods!) to see the recipe and read more of my healthy sweet breakfast tips. And please, by all means, comment on that post and share your own tips! I will be reading and can always use more ideas.

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