Healthy Eats: The January Issue of the Vegan Culinary Experience is Now Available for Free Download!


Vegan Culinary Experience: Healthy EatsJanuary 2012 – It's that time again … Chef Jason Wyrick has just released a new issue of his free e-magazine, Vegan Culinary Experience! In this issue, you will find over 35 recipes that cover a range of healthy vegan philosophies and articles that talk about vegan health issues.

This month's "healthy" theme is very close to Chef Jason Wyrick's heart, as he shares a little piece of his own story and why he started the Vegan Culinary Experience:

"Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes. If anything like that has ever happened to you, you know that it can be frightening, shameful, and daunting. I knew I had done it to myself, but being told to take medication for the rest of my life before I was even 30 was not something to which I was willing to acquiesce.

I was lucky enough to know that a low-fat vegan diet was being used by several physicians to completely reverse diabetes and I was even luckier, because someone very dear to me had done just that a couple months before I was diagnosed. I waffled and grumbled for about a week before committing to going from vegetarian to vegan and I have never looked back. My diabetes reversed in just eight months and during that time, I learned about the ethical issues of factory farming. Both health and ethics is why I stay vegan to this day and is also why I became a chef and subsequently a publisher of the magazine you have in front of you.

Along the way, I met other people who had reversed major health issues through other means, all of which were vegan, but not all were the same. I met people who had reversed diabetes and heart disease on a raw foods diet, those who had lost massive amounts of weight on gluten-free diets, macrobiotic eaters, and a host of others. Yet, there was one common theme that really stuck out to me. Food matters. Not just from a health standpoint, but a psychology standpoint.

Sure, there are those people who can make a smoothie out of a banana and water and be satisfied with it, but those people are completely alien to me. I knew if the food wasn’t outstanding, I wasn’t going to stick with the dietary change, even though my health depended on it. I was a bit ashamed of that, but that’s the way it was. Like I said, food matters.

You can’t just treat the physiology of a patient, you have to treat the psychology as well. That’s why good vegan recipes and good vegan chefs are so important. We treat the psychology of those who want to make a healthy dietary change. At least, the ones who love good food, and if you are reading a culinary magazine, I will assume that includes you! To all the people out there who have reversed a serious health problem by going vegan, are doing it right now, or want to do it, and still want to eat outstanding food, this issue is dedicated to you."

This month's issue is free to download instantly via the Vegan Culinary Experience website. If you opt to become a Premium Subscriber, then you will get a set of bonus content next week, which includes all 30 recipes that were made on Chef Jason's Costa Rica tour! To become a Premium Subscriber, head over to and help support the VCE.

Curious about Chef Jason's cuilinary tours? His next Vegan Foodie Tour will be in Italy. Visit for more information. 

Vegan Culinary Experience: Healthy Eats

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