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HomeFree New gluten-free Oatmeal CookiesOctober, 2010 – Allergy Friendly Company Includes More People with Special Dietary NeedsHomeFree, “treats you can trust,” today announced the addition of “gluten free” to the many special dietary needs its grocery and food service cookies address. Now HomeFree soft oatmeal cookies, already free of food allergens including peanuts, tree nuts, soy, egg, and dairy, as well as being whole grain, vegan, kosher pareve, low sodium, SB-19 compliant for schools, and heart healthy, are now also wheat free, and certified by the Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO) to be free of gluten – which, despite popular belief, is not an allergen.

According to the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN), 1 in 25 Americans have food allergies, and more than 3 million of them are children.  Most food allergic reactions are to peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, dairy, soy, wheat, fish and shellfish. Reactions can be immediate and life threatening even to traces of an allergen.  According to the Celiac Disease Foundation, 1 in 133 Americans have celiac disease, an autoimmune condition requiring avoidance of gluten-containing foods such as wheat, barley, triticale and rye, in order to avoid long-term damage. In addition to those with celiac disease, many people avoid gluten due to sensitivities, and to various health conditions such as autism. HomeFree initially was created for people with food allergies and for health conscious people looking for a more enjoyable, wholesome snacking option. HomeFree has grown to include people with many special dietary needs.

“We are pleased to announce that HomeFree cookies are now even more inclusive” said Jill Robbins, president of HomeFree.  “I created HomeFree to serve the needs of the more than 12 million Americans with food allergies.  Now those with celiac disease, as well as those who seek a gluten free diet for other health reasons, can enjoy HomeFree oatmeal cookies too.  Our goal is to make available delicious, wholesome treats that people with, and without, special dietary needs can enjoy together.  Now, people serving snacks and desserts can feel great when they can include everyone.  HomeFree treats make it easy to do so.”

Jill Robbins, HomeFree founder, mother and clinical psychologist, turned to baking when her son was diagnosed with food allergies twelve years ago. The author of Allergen Free Baking: Baked Treats for All Occasions, Jill focused on creating a solution to the social aspect of food allergies, so that children and adults with allergies can participate fully in school and social events when treats with potential allergens are served.

HomeFree products are:

  • Free of peanuts, tree nuts, eggs and dairy
  • Fine for most people allergic to soy (most contain soy lecithin)
  • Wheat free/Gluten free – available in oatmeal cookies and mini oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
  • Certified a good source of whole grain – most HomeFree products contain at least ½ serving of whole grains of the 3 daily recommended
  • All natural (gluten free products), and the non-gluten free products are also certified 70% or 95% organic
  • Allergen tested for peanut, tree nut, egg and dairy protein, and gluten free products also tested for gluten
  • Without trans fat or cholesterol
  • Without corn sweeteners, artificial colors or flavors, MSG, and GMO’s
  • Certified vegan (oatmeal cookies, and coffee cakes)
  • Certified kosher pareve and available Pas Yisroel
  • Manufactured by HomeFree, a certified Woman Owned Business (WBENC), in HomeFree’s own facility

HomeFree cookies carry a suggested price of $4.99 per box at retail locations or $5.49 per box (plus shipping and handling) through the company’s website, www.homefreetreats.com.  HomeFree cookies are available in chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chip, and gluten free oatmeal (6 ounce boxes), as well as mini chocolate chip, mini chocolate chocolate chip and gluten free mini oatmeal chocolate chip (5 oz boxes).  The gluten free cookies are clearly differentiated for the consumer by being in yellow, rather than blue, boxes. The cookies are available in the natural food sections of over 600 retail locations nationwide including many independent stores, as well as participating Whole Foods, Shaw’s, Giant Carlisle, Food Town, Big Y, Earth Fare, and Fresh Markets.

Individually wrapped cookies retail for $1.49 (1 oz). The oatmeal flavor has option of all natural gluten free (yellow packaging), or 95% USDA organic (blue packaging). POS and bulk packaging is available for cash and carry and for all food service applications. Individually wrapped cookies can be found at the HomeFree web site, as well as at a growing number of stores and of food service institutions.

HomeFree cookies, coffee cakes, allergen‐free baking cookbook, and specialized allergen‐tested baking ingredients are available for purchase through the company’s website. For more information, or to purchase HomeFree products, please visit www.homefreetreats.com.

About HomeFree
HomeFree, LLC is the maker of delicious, all natural and organic, ready‐to‐eat whole grain cookies and coffee cakes free of common food allergens including peanuts, tree nuts, eggs and dairy. HomeFree was founded by Jill Robbins, a clinical psychologist, self‐taught baker, author of Allergen Free Baking: Baked Treats for All Occasions, and the mother of a child with food allergies. HomeFree manufactures and packages its products in a dedicated facility free of peanuts, tree nuts, eggs and dairy. With the highest commitment to product integrity, HomeFree sources its ingredients with great care and additionally conducts allergen and gluten testing. HomeFree cookies, coffee cakes and specialized allergen‐tested baking ingredients are available for purchase through the company’s website, at more than 600 retail locations, and at a growing number of institutions. HomeFree, a certified woman owned business headquartered in Windham, NH, donates a portion of its profits to organizations that provide food allergy research and education. For more information, or to purchase HomeFree products, please visit www.homefreetreats.com.

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