It’s All About Dessert: The Best Vegan Cookbooks for Holiday Baking and Gift-Giving


Milk allergies, egg allergies, lactose intolerance, low fat, animal welfare … the reasons for seeking out tasty vegan recipes seems never-ending, and thus the demand for vegan desserts just seems to keep growing! With the holiday season in full swing, and ovens ablaze (hopefully not literally), I thought some inspiration was in order for both your own dessert-making needs and for gifts to give the cookbook lovers on your list.

Below is a collection of our favorite vegan dessert cookbooks to date (along with our quick notes, link to full review, and a sample recipe to entice!). One or more of our Go Dairy Free reviewers has taste-tested and firmly approved each of the following (in alphabetical order, because we simply couldn’t agree on “the best”) …

Ani’s Raw Food Desserts: 85 Easy, Delectable Sweets and Treats
Ani's Raw Food DessertsWe love Ani for her simplicity. Of all the raw food cookbook authors, we have found that no one makes raw food less intimidating than Ani. Though she still uses high quality ingredients, most of her recipes contain just a few recipes – in fact, don’t be surprised by the number of 3-ingredient desserts within. Plus, with so few ingredients, the recipes are easy to adjust in sweetness, spice, and texture to taste.

Lick It! Creamy Dreamy Vegan Ice Creams Your Mouth Will Love
Lick It! Vegan Ice CreamOkay, so you won’t be baking most of the recipes in this “cookbook,” but seriously, would that hot apple pie be even half as good without a large scoop of ice cream melting over top? For all of the year-round ice cream lovers on your list, this vegan ice cream book is not to be missed. Author Cathe Olson does a great job of including a variety of vegan ice cream recipes (soy-based, nut-based, coconut-based, low fat, low sugar, etc.). Both health-oriented and indulgence-loving foodies will find plenty of option in this collection.

My Sweet Vegan: passionate about dessert
My Sweet VeganThough she always throws in some classics (like Black and White Cookies and Pumpkin Pecan Pie) the author, Hannah Kaminsky, is well-known for adding new twists to old favorites (think Baklava Tart and Not Nog Cupcakes), and coming up with completely unique new concepts (how about Green Tea Tiramisu and Pomegranate-Ginger Cupcakes). This author focuses almost exclusively on desserts in all of her culinary adventures, so she definitely knows her sweets.

Sweet Freedom: Desserts You’ll Love without Wheat, Eggs, Dairy or Refined Sugar
Sweet Freedom GiveawayIf you or a loved one is trying to cut back on sugars and would rather shun refined flours, then this cookbook should surely go on your shopping list. These all-natural recipes rely strictly on wholesome ingredients to create delicious and spot-on results. I have yet to make a recipe from the author, Ricki Heller, that didn’t turn out perfectly, and best of all, I never felt slighted. Though nutritious, these are still desserts!

Sweet Utopia: Simply Stunning Vegan Desserts
Sweet Utopia - Vegan DessertsThis full color cookbook from Sharon Valencik may have just hit the shelves two months ago, but it has already won over one of our most avid vegan bakers. She was immediately pleased with the beautiful photography and the easy-to-follow recipes, but hooked after sampling some of the near perfect cookie recipes. Of course, this cookbook doesn’t stop with cookies … cakes, pies, muffins, cobblers, bread pudding, and more can all be found within.

Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World: 75 Dairy-Free Recipes for Cupcakes that Rule
Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the WorldIf you want to know how to make a crowd-pleasing cupcake without using a drop of dairy or a single egg, then this is your cookbook. This iconic cookbook has grown to enormous fame, rivaling those Rachael Ray adorned covers; a big honor for such a petite book. But regardless of size, this cookbook packs in enough varieties of cupcakes to keep any home baker busy for at least a year. Though it seems most vegan bakers already have a copy of this legendary cookbook, there are surely a few of you out there still longing for a copy.

More “Must Mentions”

These are vegan dessert cookbooks we have yet to trial, but will no doubt love …

Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar: 100 Dairy-Free Recipes for Everyone’s Favorite Treats
Our review of this new “destined to be a classic” is forthcoming. But while you are waiting, I don’t think you should miss out on this hot new cookbook from the famous Vegan Cupcakes duo. It is sure to be on thousands of wish lists this holiday season. Purchase on Amazon

Kristen Suzanne’s EASY Raw Vegan Desserts: Delicious & Easy Raw Food Recipes for Cookies, Pies, Cakes, Puddings, Mousses, Cobblers, Candies & Ice Creams
We love Kristen Suzanne’s recipes, so though we haven’t sampled this un-cookbook, it is sure to be a well-tested gem. Purchase on Amazon

Want some more cookbook ideas? See last year’s article for our Top 10 Recommended Dairy-Free (or Vegan) Books for Holiday Giving.

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