Locally Famous Non-Dairy Desserts Now Available Nationally


Sweet Tammy's Kosher BakeryPittsburgh, PA ~ “Sweet Tammy’s”, a from-scratch, exclusively non-dairy bakery has launched its brand new website: www.sweet-tammys.com. Sweet Tammy’s will sell a wide range of its most popular items online and will ship them nationally.

Sweet Tammy’s opened its first location at 2119 Murray Ave. in December of 2008 and in a short six months has developed a large local following. Sweet Tammy’s now looks to build a similar following across the country. “It has always bothered me that people associate non-dairy with bland, dry and laden with trans-fats” Said Tamara “Tammy” Berkowitz, Owner and Head Baker of Sweet Tammy’s. “I have worked hard to develop alternative non-dairy ingredients that give my products all the great taste of dairy baked goods with zero trans-fats.” Sticking to its mom and pop roots, Tammy’s husband Daniel will operate and manage the website. “There are many non-dairy consumers in the U.S. that don’t have access to quality baked goods. Until now those consumers have had limited options, and virtually none that include fresh, from-scratch baked goods; we are excited to offer them our irresistible treats at the click of a mouse.”

About Sweet Tammy’s

There are only a handful of perfect bakeries in America: Sprinkles in LA, Magnolia Bakery in New York, and now, Sweet Tammy's in Pittsburgh. By combining old-world baking traditions with an escape that envelops you in warmth and elegance, it’s quite simply a most irresistible destination. Steeped in the memories and delights of her family’s kitchen and recipes, Tammy has created a bakery that’s more than a shop – it’s a haven that tantalizes your taste buds while it nourishes your soul. Using only the finest kosher, non-dairy ingredients, Tammy’s made-from-scratch treats are an irresistible temptation, bursting with freshness, authenticity and love.

Sweet Tammy's Kosher Bakery

About Our Products

Freshness, small batches made from-scratch, great ingredients and no preservatives – these are the principles we bake by, and we think it shows. Whether you're biting into one of Sweet Tammy's chocolate-chunk-filled cookies or an elaborately-decorated wedding cake, you'll love the aroma, the taste and the utter deliciousness of our products.

Sweet Tammy's irresistible treats are non-dairy and kosher pareve (under the supervision of the Vaad HaKashrut of Pittsburgh.) We know, those words generally conjure up something dry and uninspired, but we've cracked the code. If you and your family are non-dairy eaters, or observe kosher dietary laws, you really can have your cake and eat it too

Sweet Tammy's Kosher Bakery

About Tammy

Ever since her mom gave her a spatula and apron, Tammy has loved to bake. When she was 12 years old, she made chocolate-orange mini cakes with crème anglaise for a dinner party, and one of the guests promised that when she opened her bakery, he’d invest in it! Tammy may not have understood what an investor was, but she did understand how wonderful it felt to make people happy around a dining room table.

Since then, Tammy’s passion for creating comfortable, nurturing and happy experiences through food has been a constant. Like her mother and grandmother before her, Tammy’s heart and soul are in the food she makes. One bite and you know who Tammy is: warm, caring, loving and quite the accomplished baker!

For more information visit www.sweet-tammys.com

Sweet Tammy's Kosher Bakery

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