More Great Recipes for Dairy-Free Holiday Dinners (and Desserts!)


In recent years, home cooking has taken on a whole new value. Purchasing expensive, pre-made meals just isn’t in the budget, and gifts from the kitchen are back in style. Of course, if you have been dairy-free for a while, then you already know that from-scratch is really the way to go … but, how to create dairy-free holiday dinners that everyone will enjoy, even your cheese-addicted sister (okay, maybe that’s just my sister)?

For starters, I recommend taking a peek at The Biggest Gathering of Dairy-Free Thanksgiving Recipes that I compiled for you last month. How convenient is it that the major holidays share so many traditional dishes? If the big day wouldn’t be complete without a festive pie, check out The Huge Dairy-Free Holiday Pie Recipe Round-Up. Also, for those of you scrambling for last minute, quick & easy dairy substitutes (perhaps for that cream of mushroom soup or sweetened condensed milk?), you can get Go Dairy Free: The Guide and Cookbook in an ebook format, delivered instantly.

Since a few weeks have passed since Thanksgiving, I have had time to discover a few more recipes for dairy-free holiday dinners (lactose-free, casein-free, milk-free, you name it). That’s right, the recipes below are dairy-free as is; no hoping that your substitutes will work. After all, who has time for experimentation at the 11th hour?!

Recipes for Dairy-Free Holiday Dinners: Rustic Fruit Salad

Opening Acts

The Main Event

Recipes for Dairy-Free Holiday Dinners: Creamy Brussels Sprouts

Cookies for Santa and Santa’s Helpers

Encore, Encore!

Recipes for Dairy-Free Holiday Dinners - Vegan Pumpkin Nog Bread

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