Naked Pizza Offers Dairy-Free Cheese in all Phoenix Locations


August 2011 – All-natural Pizza Franchise Seeking Community Input on Limited Time Menu Addition – Naked Pizza, the all-natural carryout and delivery pizza that recently established four store locations and a corporate training facility in the Phoenix area, announced today the addition of a Daiya dairy-free cheese option to its menu.

The rapidly expanding company, whose mission is to change the nutritional profile of fast food, is offering the dairy-free cheese alternative for a limited time in its Phoenix stores as a market test.

The brand, noted for its use of social media to engage consumers, is asking the local Phoenix community for input regarding the Daiya cheese option and will use the feedback to decide whether it will become a permanent menu fixture. Customers are encouraged to post opinions to the local Phoenix Twitter ( and Facebook ( profiles.

Naked Pizza’s menu boasts an Ancestral Blend® crust (made with ten grains, prebiotic fiber and probiotics—healthful bacteria commonly found in yogurt) and all-natural vegetable and meat toppings. Daiya’s dairy-free cheese alternative is made entirely from plant-based ingredients and does not contain any animal products or common allergens such as soy, casein, lactose, whey, wheat, barley, gluten or nuts. In addition to the trial dairy-free cheese option, Naked Pizza’s menu also offers a gluten-free crust, providing an array of allergy-friendly options.

Naked Pizza Co-Founder Randy Crochet said, “Our partnership with a company of integrity like Daiya is an example of how we support our customers through our mission. Our business boils down to our pizza being a point of authentic connection—an honest exchange that starts a conversation about the food supply, policy or anything else people want to talk about. It gives people some tools to make better decisions about their health, the system and the food they eat. It's about igniting a movement.”

Naked Pizza’s newest Phoenix store is located at 20219 N. 59th Ave in Glendale. The company is on track to open twelve locations in the Phoenix area, including stores in Scottsdale and Tempe, by early 2012.

About Naked Pizza:
What if pizza was good for you? And what if you could use fast food as a Trojan horse to solve a massive social and economic problem by demonstrating that it can be part of the solution to the global epidemic of obesity and chronic disease by making it healthful instead of harmful? And so the idea for Naked Pizza was born, in a 500-square-foot New Orleans building that took six feet of Hurricane Katrina water. There we perfected a radically different pizza that uses a diversity of grains, prebiotic agave fiber, and healthful bacteria called probiotics in the crust instead of the traditional one-grain crust made from a single, highly-processed, nutritionally stripped carbohydrate. We made our pizza all-natural and affordable, with prices starting at $5.99.

The Naked Pizza concept attracted the attention of high profile investors like Mark Cuban and thousands of franchising inquiries from around the world. There are currently 29 open stores, including three in Dubai, and the brand is on pace to open 50 by the end of 2011. Over 500 stores are in development worldwide.

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