Navan Foods Announces Availability of Miss Roben’s Baking Mixes

Miss Roben's Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

Last month, we reported that Allergy Grocer and Miss Roben's Mixes would be returning to the market. Well, the mixes have arrived, and Navan Foods is on the job, stocking every possible mix that they can get their hands on.

They have the Corn Free Confectioner's Sugar, Buttercream Frosting, Cake, Goldfish Cracker, Mock Graham Cracker, and several more mixes in stock. The full line up can be viewed and purchased from the Miss Roben's category on the Navan Food's website.

Jennifer Elizondo, the founder of Navan Foods, offered the following additional notes regarding the Miss Roben's Mixes:

"We've been told that the Versatile Free-z Mix is on backorder and should be available shortly.  If we've missed one of your favorites, let us know.

PLEASE NOTE that some of the ingredients may have changed and products may no longer meet your dietary requirements.  Please review the ingredients provided on each product page carefully to ensure that it is a safe product for your consumption."

For further details on the return of Allergy Grocer and Miss Roben's Mixes, you can read a detailed interview with the new owner, Glenn Molin at Food Allergy Buzz.

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