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Delicardo Food Allergy CardsBERLIN – In March 2010 a new product for people who suffer from adverse food reactions or have restrictive diets had its international launch – DELICARDO Foodcards. This new product was developed by ENOMIS GmbH, a Berlin start-up founded by Simone Graebner, and launched in Germany in 2009 under the motto ‘Quality of life despite allergies and intolerances’.

DELICARDO Foodcards are food allergy and intolerance cards, also known as chef cards, which help people avoid long or awkward explanations when placing orders at restaurants, while traveling abroad or during other occasions.

The cards are available for many different allergies, intolerances and diets (milk allergy, lactose intolerance, vegetarian…) and are free to configure as one chooses in the online Foodcard Configurator. They are also business card sized, durable and available in a range of different colours and designs languages.

“The design and content of the cards was developed with restaurant personnel and a certified food nutritionist” Says Simone Graebner.

The cards clearly communicate what one can’t eat under the heading ‘NOT ALLOWED TO EAT’ and what one can eat under ‘ALLOWED TO EAT’. There is also a list of products where the allergen(s) concerned may be found.

“DELICARDO Foodcards contain all of your dietary dos and don’ts. When eating out the card can simply be given to the waiter saving you from having to inform the table and the rest of the restaurant about your special dietary needs while also making life easier for the restaurant staff” Graebner says. “I’m also very proud that DELICARDO Foodcards have received the ECARF quality seal (the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation) for products that help give back quality of life despite allergies”.

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