New Cookbook Offers Simple, Nutritious and Delicious Gluten-Free Recipes


Gluten-Free DeliciouslyBook is second for author, features tasty recipes for those who can’t eat wheat but love to eat  – Aidant Books announces Gluten-Free Deliciously, a valuable resource to those who are faced with the dauntless task of eliminating wheat from their diet.  This ever-increasing population includes the 1 in every 133 individuals who have celiac disease, as well as those with gluten intolerance, wheat allergy, and autism.
Gluten-Free Deliciously begins by offering the reader a basic education about celiac disease, considered to be one of the most misdiagnosed and under diagnosed diseases in America today. 
Information about alternative grains including quinoa, teff, amaranth, and millet, encourages readers to incorporate these powerhouses of nutrition into their gluten-free diet.

The book also offers baking tips, a user-friendly layout, and an extensive list of dairy-free and egg-free recipes, and a section on flour mixes.  

Mrs. Cinquepalmi’s flour mixes offer health benefits to the gluten-free baker since they are comprised of at least 70 percent nutritional flour per 30 percent starch, a great reduction in the amount of starch commonly found in gluten-free recipes and store-bought gluten-free baked items.

Hundreds of recipes in 23 categories broaden the culinary horizons of those who cannot eat wheat with recipes such as Calzones, Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake, Orange-Almond Biscotti, Cast Iron Pizza, Coconut Cream Pie, and Wrap Bread.  

Along with fabulous baked items, this tried-and-true recipe collection offers easy main dishes, tasty sides, and two new categories not covered in Cinquepalmi's first book: Meatless Main Dishes and Pizza.

“This is a complete cookbook, not just recipes for baked items, because so often the newly diagnosed feel they are doomed to a life of dry grilled chicken breasts and steamed vegetables," explains author Jennifer Cinquepalmi. 

An eight page insert of colorful food photography prove that life without wheat can be sweet.

Cinquepalmi's own experience with celiac disease began in 2001 when two of her three children were diagnosed with the condition.  She sought to cook one meal that was good enough for her entire family to eat and to prepare meals that offered the same variety, flavor, and nutrition as those she prepared for her family prior to diagnosis. 

Her first book, The Complete Book of Gluten-Free Cooking, published in 2006 and reprinted in 2008, has been praised for gluten-free recipes that work the first time you try them, and for having the best gluten-free yeast breads. 

“I felt the best way to keep my children from desiring to cheat was to educate them about celiac disease, and to feed them so that they are content," the author said. 

Cinquepalmi now speaks to create celiac disease awareness, teaches Gluten-Free 101 classes to the newly diagnosed, and travels to teach sold-out gluten-free cooking classes such as Gluten-Free Baking, Alternative Grains in Gluten-Free Cooking, and Gluten-Free Goes Italian.

AvailabilityGluten-Free Deliciously is a hardbound cookbook available for $23.95 from most booksellers, online booksellers, or at

About the Author:  After her daughter’s diagnosis in 2001, author Jennifer Cinquepalmi of Dallas Texas became determined to provide her family with delicious and varied gluten-free food.  Cinquepalmi's first book, The Complete Book of Gluten-Free Cooking, has been touted as having “recipes that work the first time you try them,” and “food that is good enough for anyone to enjoy.”  Committed to helping others who have been diagnosed with celiac disease, author Jennifer Cinquepalmi speaks to educate, teach, and create awareness. For more information, including the author’s schedule and sample recipes, please visit

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