New Desserts from Bella’s Cookies Feature Local Producers


Bella's dessertsMilton, DE – Bakers of Bella’s Cookies are launching a new line of desserts this week simply called “Bella’s.”  Unique to each dessert is the concentrated use of local ingredients, sourcing ingredients found locally from Delaware’s agricultural producers, with the remaining ingredients strictly natural & organic.  The line will focus mainly on traditional desserts (those made with eggs/milk/butter), but also feature selections for those with food allergies or dietary restrictions.  Desserts are available at area restaurants, food stores and through a new online dessertry at …

“The dessert line is one of several new product introductions at Bella’s Cookies this year,” said Kelly Leishear (president of Bella’s Cookies) “we’re very excited about it as it brings together great tasting natural and organic desserts with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.”  The desserts are being made with local eggs, local dairy (milk & cream), and local seasonal fruits as staple ingredients; as new desserts are created Bella’s will seek other local agricultural producers who can supply ingredients.  The “Bella’s” line carries an identifiable new logo which incorporates the “Made Fresh with Care” logo from the Delaware Department of Agriculture.  “Made fresh” is part of the “Grown Fresh with Care in Delaware” program that recognizes Delaware’s value-added agricultural producers,” said Delaware Department of Agriculture Secretary Ed Kee.”  Leishear noted that she wants people to recognize the logo as a Bella’s line of product (from a natural & organic bakery), and that each dessert is made with fresh, local ingredients.

Bella's Vegan Strawberry Pie

Bella’s will focus on old-fashioned Delmarva desserts, as well as top-selling classic desserts — Strawberry Pies & Tarts (additional varieties with seasonal fruits such as peaches, raspberries, apples), Chocolate Cakes, and a Coconut Cake with an old fashioned whipped frosting.  A new Coco-Carrot cake, Summerberry Cake, and an authentic Key West, Key Lime Pie are additional items on the menu.  “With a lot of experience in vegan and gluten-free baking through our cookies, Kelly was quick to conquer great taste on vegan and gluten-free desserts,” said Mark Leishear (Director of Sales & Marketing for Bella’s) “every week she receives orders from parents or others with food allergies looking for a cake, something special, etc.” For those with food allergies, Bella’s makes an assortment of gluten-free desserts such as chocolate tortes, lava cakes, and a selection of vegan dessert items such as a new vegan chocolate layer cake.  This signature item is two layers of rich chocolate cake sandwiching a whipped chocolate-coffee filling made with locally roasted organic & fair trade coffee, and smothered in a dark chocolate ganache.  As the population of customers with food allergies, intolerances or dietary restrictions continues to grow, these desserts are being sought after by area restaurants.  All desserts vary in size from 10 in cakes and pies for parties or restaurants, to 8 inch cakes and pies for smaller, personal gatherings.     

Bella's Chocolate Mocha Vegan Cake

In addition to early adoptions from Hobo’s on Baltimore Ave. in Rehoboth, Good News Natural Foods in Dover, and Sam Yoder’s Farm & Store in Greenwood, Bella’s desserts are available online at  Customers can shop, buy, and have delivered to their home or business any dessert on the menu without traveling to a food store, market, or bakery.  “We’ve delivered desserts for office parties & luncheons, dinner parties, and last minute guests” said Leishear “they’re great tasting, locally-supported desserts.”  More restaurants will be offering Bella’s desserts this summer, as customers are happy to support the localness of the line.  Bella’s will also be announcing a partnership with a local orchard in the next few weeks. 

Bella's is a dessert division of Bella’s Cookies, Inc. a natural & organic bakery in Milton, DE.  More information about desserts including wholesale and ordering can be found by calling 302-684-8152 or online at

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