New Film ‘Heal Your Self’ on Health Effects of Food, Stress, Environmental Toxicity


February 2012 – The new film Heal Your Self, about taking responsibility for our own health, was released on DVD today (you can see my review of the film). With a focus on creating positive lifestyle changes, Heal Your Self examines topics like food, emotional stress, environmental toxicity, self education and the power of the mind. In Heal Your Self, first-time filmmaker Norm Hacker speaks to a diverse mix of doctors, researchers and survivors of serious conditions and illnesses including cancer, obesity and Crohn's disease. These survivors took their health into their own hands, took charge of their lives, and healed themselves.

Heal Your Self features experts like Bernie Siegel MD, Seventh Generation co-founder Jeffrey Hollender, bestselling author John Gray and cancer survivor Susan Ryan Jordan (mother of actress Meg Ryan), as well as the voices of integrative health advocates, health researchers and scholars. With sincerity and candor, tough love and compassion, Heal Your Self offers practical, realistic advice and actionable information.

"If there already was a cure for cancer, if obesity rates weren't rising, if the rates of disease were in decline, if our population was enjoying greater health and wellness, this film wouldn't be necessary – but that's not the case," said Hacker. "How many Americans are in poor health, and how many have little or no access to medical care or health insurance? This film is intended as a journey of empowerment, to help you take control of your own health."

"Heal Your Self offers a timely message to viewers: It's time to abandon your past, find inspiration, use the information and take responsibility for your health," said Dr. Siegel.

"If people haven't grown up enough to understand that their health is in their own hands, they're doomed," said trend researcher Gerald Celente, one of the experts in Heal Your Self. "This film will educate many people and awaken them to their own power."

Heal Your Self (region-free, 70 minutes, 4:3 NTSC color) is available online at for $24.95. Also available is the Heal Your Self meditation CD with easy-to-follow meditations and relaxation exercises, and a downloadable 220-page eBook in PDF and iPad format with transcripts of more than 20 interviews conducted for the film.

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