New Meatless Hamburger Mix Offers “Authentic” Taste Without the Fat, Sodium, and Cholesterol


ND Labs Hamburger Mix Just because your doctor tells you to cut your cholesterol and fat intake doesn’t mean you have to give up on your favorite high fat and cholesterol hamburgers, cheese and chili burgers. Nutritional Designs has made it possible for you sink your teeth into a freshly made rich-tasting meatless burger – without the guilt and all the pleasure of a beef burger! To satisfy even the pickiest eaters, their meatless burgers are blended with heart-healthy soy, corn and wheat proteins to provide a more authentic hamburger experience – from texture to consistency.  The vegetarian proteins are then flavored with a mixture of garlic, onion and other spices pleasing even the pickiest of pallets. 

Nutritional Designs’ Meatless Hamburger Mix joins their line of 12 great tasting meatless entrees all made with the taste and flavor of meat and / or chicken but without the high cholesterol, sodium and saturated fat of their meat counterparts.  One 3-ounce Meatless Hamburger contains the essential amino acids needed for growth and development as well as the FDA’s recommended soy protein for a heart-healthy diet.* 

Who uses Meatless Entrees?
Kosher, Parve and Halal Suitable, Meatless Hamburger Mix as well as all of our other meatless entrees are ideal for home use as well as schools, camps, hospitals, military and correctional facilities, Seventh Day Adventists and nursing homes. 

Nutritional Designs Meatless Hamburger Mix is prepared quick and easy with a no fuss two-step process.  Simply soak the Meatless Hamburger Mix in cold water for ~15 minutes, add oil then cook them up the way you would like them.  Meatless Hamburger Mix can be grilled, broiled, pan fried or even micro waved!

Health Advantage:
Take a look at the Health Advantage of replacing just one Big Mac with a Nutritional Designs Meatless Hamburger. 

ND Labs Hamburger Mix Nutritional Comparison

Nutritional Designs’ Meatless Hamburgers contain one half of the calories, no cholesterol and 70% less sodium of a Big Mac.  Not to mention that they are cholesterol and Trans fat free. They are great for those looking to reduce sodium, cholesterol and fat intake including those with diabetes and heart disease.

Other Meatless Entrees:
Nutritional Designs’ other Meatless items include: Taco and Chili Mixes, Salisbury Delight, Hawaiian Nuggets, Zesty Cacciatore, Sweet n Sour Steak Tidbits, Burger Bits as well as a line of meat and chicken analogs so you can make your own heart healthy recipes.

Retail Customers can call in orders to 1-888-2-ND-LABS, 516-612-4900 or may purchase online at  Institutional Customers can purchase directly or from selected distributors. Dealer inquiries are welcome.

 Meatless Hamburger Mix is the newest addition to Nutritional Designs Meatless Entrees.  Made from a mixture of healthy vegetarian proteins and flavored with natural spices, it provides for an all natural beef taste and texture experience. These Meatless Burgers are Fat, Cholesterol and Trans Fat Free as well as ~70% less sodium then some other hamburgers.  Yet, compared to frozen vegetarian burgers, their Meatless Hamburger Mix is a winner hands down.

Nutritional Designs has been providing health conscious meatless options for over 22 years.   Our line includes 13 different meatless entrees, meat and chicken analogs all of which are affordably priced and available for retail, commercial and institutional use.

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