New Nut-Free “Milk” Chocolate Bunny Hops into Vegan and Dairy-Free Easter Baskets


Premium Chocolatier's Dairy-Free, Vegan "Milk" Chocolate Easter BunnyJust a couple of days ago I reported on this year’s round up of dairy-free / vegan chocolate Easter bunnies, but I actually received a visit from one of these adorable, milk-free, edible creatures. And this wasn’t your run of the mill chocolate rabbit … this was a decadent “milk” chocolate bunny that stood over 6-inches high and came baring a gift of a decorated chocolate Easter egg with dark chocolate accents. While I try not to play favorites, Premium Chocolatiers jumped to the head of the class with this delicious and unique bunny. It is a hollow bunny, but very thick with a smooth, sweet candy-bar quality “milk” chocolate that possesses a rich cocoa buttery finish …

Now, for my favorite part.

As he approached, Mr. Bunny removed his hat (it's still a bit chilly out!) to reveal … 

Premium Chocolatier's Dairy-Free, Vegan "Milk" Chocolate Easter Bunny

 … white chocolate bunny ears!

Premium Chocolatier's Dairy-Free, Vegan "Milk" Chocolate Easter Bunny

I will spare you the gruesome “after” photo where I chopped off Mr. Bunny’s chocolate ears to fulfill my selfish cravings.

Yes, I swear this bunny is dairy-free, nut-free, and vegan. If you don’t believe me, you can check the Premium Chocolatiers website. They also sent an adorable gift of dark chocolate and “milk” chocolate molded Easter shapes nested in a box with yellow “Easter” hay. There were a dozen or so of those little gems, which we polished off before the end of the day (and before I had time to snap a picture)! Seriously addictive. 

Though he liked the “milk” chocolate in Premium Chocolatier’s truffles, my husband found the “milk” chocolate when eaten on its own, to be a bit too sugary. He is a dark chocoholic though, so this didn’t surprise me. Considering how rarely (if ever) I get to enjoy a milky chocolate, I really was in heaven, and loved the sweeter treat. My husband quickly polished off the dark bites, which were more like a rich semi-sweet with the smoothest creamiest finish … making it agreeable to egg hunters of all ages!

My only request: More white chocolate please! I would have loved some pure white chocolate eggs to satisfy my insatiable sweet tooth. I think white chocolate is a pleasure I miss most while living dairy-free.

Here are some professional pictures of Premium Chocolatier’s Easter offerings, including Easter chocolate eggs, their new long-stem chocolate roses, and a more petite chocolate bunny:

Premium Chocolatier's Dairy-Free, Vegan "Milk" Chocolate Easter Bunny

You can purchase all of their delicious dairy-free, nut-free chocolaty offerings on Premium Chocolatier's Website.


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